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  1. As it turns out, I'm so much more productive when I set self-imposed time limits for myself while mapping. It stops me from reworking the same room over and over again. Everything comes together at a faster pace so I don't get bored or lose motivation. Too much time to think and I start being critical of what I have up to that point, this is so much easier and a whole lot more enjoyable. Wish I would have thought of trying this sooner.

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    2. MarsHappyNation


      Hey thanks! 👏 Definitely going to give this a go

    3. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      Aside of being a WAD I would consider a must-play, the set basically started off with the idea of having limited time to build each map. With that in mind, SoD is a good set too show what can be done in a set amount of time with some practice.


      Back when the Doomworld Megawad club played SoD, Joshy told us that his Co-mapper basically started mapping for this project in the sense that it contains Darkwave0000's first ever maps.

    4. MarsHappyNation


      For sure, it's really impressive given the limitations they worked under. I'm up to MAP04 (I think?) and I adore it so far. I love how straight forward the maps have been and they look quite nice to boot. I get totally burnt out on some of the more complex megawads out there so something like this is right down my alley.

      That's really something! Never would have guessed.