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  1. >Be me
    >Open Doombuilder
    >Continue mapping
    >Make a decent amount of progress
    >"This sure is coming along nice and dandy"
    >Come up with a neat little idea for a secret
    >Spend an hour setting it all up
    >Get around to actually making the trigger
    >Come to the sudden realization that there's no shoot to lower floor action in vanilla format
    >Promptly question every decision made leading up to this point
    >Experience a crushing existential crisis
    >Close Doombuilder
    >Go to bed

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    2. BigDickBzzrak


      No shoot to lower in vanilla? What's action 24 then??

    3. Fonze


      ^ Shoot to raise floor ;p


      I love Boom format and it's my preferred format to map for, but part of the fun of working with limitations is having to work within them; there may not be a shoot to lower floor action, but you could have still used the shoot to raise floor or shoot to open door actions to do something, like reveal a switch or path with a walk-over trigger which would do the intended effect. Working with limitations = finding work-arounds and part of the fun of mapping is making areas which loosely abide by your vague vision, rather than beating your head against the wall trying to make something exactly as you clearly see it. We also tend to picture areas for their aesthetics rather than for their gameplay, which is a fundamental mistake all too easy to make. Gotta take the good with the bad and accepts a work's faults as merely different flavors :) at least for those faults past the basics. As with any creative endeavor, learn the foundation then where you take your art from there is your style.

    4. BigDickBzzrak


      ^ for me it's "shoot to insta-lower floor" ;]