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  1. I've been messing around with Heretic mapping a whole lot lately and despite the small selection of textures, there's a certain charm to it. I made a lot of progress on that Doom map I mentioned a couple weeks back but I'm taking a small break to see what I can get out of this.


    Still needs a bit of work as far as texture alignment goes but I thought it looked kind of pretty anyway.

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    2. SOSU


      The selection of textures i small but that doesn't mean that you can't use texture packs =]

    3. Not Jabba

      Not Jabba

      If you want more textures, get Baker's Legacy from Realm667. Also, yay Heretic maps!

    4. SOSU


      Baker's Legacy is great but there are A LOT of textures in it,Medieval has a lot less but its still very good :)