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Status Updates posted by Percival232

  1. Hey guys wanna see some mapping cringe? Heres Joel Vargskelethor playing my doom wad. Is it good? No its pretty shit. But im kinda proud of it cuz it kinda got me into mapping(even tho i have never released any of them and abandoned half of them). 



    Skip to 53:11 and prepare for some c r i n g e

  2. Whats up with my favorite Hip Hop artists like Outkast and Wu Tang sampling the Icon Of Sin?

  3. i once tried making a slav themed map pack with hardbass and slavic memes. i was unskilled and pretty trash. Maybe one day tho

  4. Where Is That Profile Picture From? Seems Fuckin Metal

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    2. Percival232



    3. DesecratorJ


      Well, it was .GIF edit of a cover album of Sodom's Obssessed By Cruelty album.



    4. Percival232
  5. wow my feed is c r i n g e and t r a s h