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  1. You need to rename the texture. Rename the texture the same name as Doomguy's Face Texture. This Also Applies To All Other Things When Editing In Slade.
  2. Dude Thats Looking Fuckin Great!
  3. I dunno why but I'm curious if there exists aesthetic doom wads. Like Vaporwave or at least 80s styled wads. If you never heard of Vaporwave just look it up.
  4. For A First Map, Its Not Half Bad. Im New To Mapping As Well And I Never Actually Released A Map(Besides This One Time Where I Uploaded The Wrong Version), So I Gotta Say You're At Least Confident In Your Map. Best Way To Improve Is To Study And Play The Best Maps Out There, Fan Made And Official. Also Here Are Some Mapping Rules John Romero Said Apparently: -Always changing floor height when I wanted to change floor textures. -Using special border textures between different wall segments and doorways. -Being strict about texture alignment. -Conscious use of contrast everywhere in a level between light and dark areas, cramped and open areas. -Making sure that if a player could see outside that they should be able to somehow get there. -Being strict about designing several secret areas on every level. -Making my levels flow so the player will revisit areas several times so they will better understand the 3D space of the level. -Creating easily recognizable landmarks in several places for easier navigation.
  5. Oof So Imma Have To Drop Out Of This Wad Project. Im Kinda Busy With My School Right Now And All So Yeaaaa... Still, Whoever Is Submitting A Wad For This, I Wish You Luck And Ill Be Definitely Checking Out This WAD Once Done. Im Sorry About This But Thanks
  6. Yea i seen your stuff on Doom Amino. Its pretty great my dude.
  7. Do you ship to the US?
  8. Ok I Came Up With The Most Stupid Idea: Doom With A Guitar Hero Controller. Plays Like Trash But Im Bored So Suggest Me Wads And Maps To Play With This Setup
  9. Dont mean any offense but i think the term is a trap Baller as hell song tho๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ
  10. Vivisection, Canyon Of The Dead, And Hell Mountain Are Pretty Dope Names From No Rest For The Living
  11. I Mean Midis For Gaming In Operating Systems Have Declined But Im Pretty Sure For Audio Production, Midis Are Pretty Well Supported. But I Dunno Im Not Really Informed So Correct Me If Im Wrong
  12. yo lemme get on that. Ill take Map 9
  13. Ooof So I Have Like 3 Different Unfinished Maps For This Project. I Think I Should Be Finished With The Map Im Going With In 2 Or 3 Weeks. Would Take Less Time If I Had Time And No School. Also Someone Give Me Advice For Creating Scripted Events And Such. Im Quite New To Mapping So
  14. Joel Is Daddy
  15. I Mainly Use Doombuilder Only Because Im Too Lazy And Dumb To Use A Different One. Slade Is Good For Changing Textures Of Chainguns To A Texture Of Da Wae Memes For Friends
  16. Where Is That Profile Picture From? Seems Fuckin Metal

    1. bzzrak


      Well I Sorry I Am Not A Grammar Nazi Like You Who Has To Type Like It's The 1800s

    2. Percival232


      whomstve the fuck are you talking about?

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      Well, it was .GIF edit of a cover album of Sodom's Obssessed By Cruelty album.



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      Thanks Man

  17. My Earliest Gaming Memories Are Either Of Mario Kart 64 Or Kirby Nightmare In Dreamland. I Mostly Have FUCKIN Fond Ass Memories With Kirby. Kirby And Mario Kart Was Immediately By Mortal Kombat Armageddon Great Game For A Child. I Distinctly Remember Seeing Zombie Liu Kang Getting Gibbed.
  18. whhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?
  19. try a GDP Win? Yea It has A Controller Built In But It Works Well From What I Hear
  20. i think i may have sent the wrong version. i should srsly organize my stuff better. Eitherway it doesnt matter its too late so ill prolly submit the CORRECT version to a different project
  21. .
  22. Also Its Kinda T R A S H but its my first map so i dont mind too much
  23. Edit: Removed A Link
  24. When Plugged It The Guitar Acts Like An XInput Controller Because It Is. Its An Xbox Controller But Without The Thumbsticks
  25. oooh great this has returned!