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Everything posted by Percival232

  1. Percival232

    Any Doom Vaporwave Wads?

    I dunno why but I'm curious if there exists aesthetic doom wads. Like Vaporwave or at least 80s styled wads. If you never heard of Vaporwave just look it up.
  2. Percival232

    Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

    Dude these are fucking amazing. So grotesque and beatiful
  3. Short answer: No Long Answer: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo also this seems like being offended for people who prolly didnt care about this to begin with Change it really dont care. It at least is changing because they want people to be nicer, not because people are claiming bullshit
  4. Hey guys wanna see some mapping cringe? Heres Joel Vargskelethor playing my doom wad. Is it good? No its pretty shit. But im kinda proud of it cuz it kinda got me into mapping(even tho i have never released any of them and abandoned half of them). 



    Skip to 53:11 and prepare for some c r i n g e


    Edit: Looking back on this, what the fuck is this map? UGH


  5. Whats up with my favorite Hip Hop artists like Outkast and Wu Tang sampling the Icon Of Sin?

  6. Percival232

    Popular/highly rated WAD's you're not a fan of?

    To be fair Alien Vendetta is pretty important when it comes to Doom wads but yea I personally dont enjoy it all that much
  7. Percival232

    Synthdoom by Black Metal Chainsaw

    Fuck yes i always thought Perturbator's Music would fit just p e r f e c t l y in Doom wads. this shit looks gorgeous as fuck too
  8. Percival232

    Favorite Games Besides Doom?

    Fuck yea shrek mega thicc in that game.
  9. Percival232

    Good horror movies that don't suck?

    Basically Nearly Any Early John Carpenter Horror Film. The Latter Ones Were Ass Begotten. A Weird Ass Horror Movie. Its Just Very Unsettling Perfect Blue. May Be An Anime And Looks Like Some Pussy Shit But Its A Good Psychological Horror Film. The Grabbers. Basically Aliens Come And The Only Way To Not Die Is To Get Pissed Off Drunk
  10. Percival232

    Post a picture of yourself!

    Yes. I Look Hawt Here Dont I? Kek Also Im pretty sure its from 1998. I dont remember where I got it tho
  11. Percival232

    Post a picture of yourself!

    Heres Me In The Most Autistic Photos I Have Of Me
  12. Percival232

    Favorite Games Besides Doom?

    Oof Besides Doom My Favorite Games Are Bioshock, Especially The First 1. Fallout Series, Mainly 1,2 And New Vegas. Tony Hawk Underground 2, Mainly The THUG Pro Mod Return To Castle Wolfenstien. Great MP And SP Counter-Strike 1.6. It Was My First Physical PC Game Half-Life. Its Just So Fuckin Rad Jet Set Radio. That Music Gives Me Mega Nut Killer Instinct. The First Fighting Game I Played Skullgirls. Great Fighting Game With Big Tids
  13. i once tried making a slav themed map pack with hardbass and slavic memes. i was unskilled and pretty trash. Maybe one day tho

  14. Percival232

    Share a random fact about yourself

    Like 5 Years Ago When I Was A Stupid 10 Year Old, My Sister Downloaded The Xbox 360 Demos Of Doom And Doom 2. I was literally Scared as Shit And Shocked, Mostly Because I Was Kinda Religious And Shit. I Only Actually Played Doom Like 2, 3 Years Later. And Then I Got A Laptop And Then My Xbox Broke. I Once Had A Firework Blow Up In My Hand Yea Ok
  15. Percival232


    NEW TO MAPPING? MY BOI IM NEW AND NONE OF MINE LOOKS AS IMPRESSIVE Seriously Though this looks cool as shit. Purple isnt used enough in Doom maps. Its such an a e s t h e t i c
  16. Im making a doom map on my spare time. Im mostly done but Im having trouble making a big outdoors area look alive and interesting while also keeping good level design. Ill add pics sometime for a feel of design.
  17. Im Lowkey hoping for elements from official wads for Doom and Doom 2 because they had pretty solid map designs, especially No Rest For The Living.
  18. Yes Please Also Mick Gordon Should Remake Or At Least Sample This Track Cause This Track Is Amazing
  19. Citizen Kane. To be fair it was a great advancement for movies, but people saying its the best movie of all time are just talking shit The Bourne Series is generic and boring as all hell Manos The Hands Of Faith. I say its overrated as a so bad its good movie. Its not really interesting or ironically funny. Its just shitty and garbage.
  20. I think while Carmack does have a point, the way he phrased it couldve been better. He phrased it a way that made it seem that story in games isnt needed, when he really he meant during gameplay or a game like Doom, a story isnt needed.
  21. Session I Love Me The Skate Series And This Spiritual Successor Makes Me Happy Also found it funny how everyone thought it was a new skate game(including myself)
  22. Percival232

    What improvements over Doom 2016 are you expecting?

    An Improved Multiplayer Improved Snap Map Possibly Mod Support? I Also Kind Hope They Ditch The Arena Style Combat. Wasnt A Fan Of It. Not Sure Why
  23. Percival232

    Doom Eternal is a game, that exists

    Im excited. Lets Hope They Have The Unmaker tho
  24. Percival232

    Your thoughts on Detroit: Become Human.

    I like story games but I dunno... David Cage games always seemed really pretentious and meh Also SHHHHHHHAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUN
  25. Percival232

    is Classic Doom better on PS3 or Xbox 360(one)

    I first started playing Doom on the BFG edition of the game on my Xbox 360. Gameplay wise, there is no real important difference other than looking up and down of course. Music is generally the same. The Nazi Soldiers Are Non Existant And Are Replaced With Zombie Guys. I Think The Only Reason To Own The Console Versions Is To Play No Rest Of The Living. That Wad Is FUCKING GREAT. I think its on the steam version of the BFG edition though. Other than performance, the console versions are the same tho