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    Paying $200 for Doom Archvile Reaper miniature!

    Hey guys, I used to work for Epicgames, and still occasionally do virtually under contract. And have also done work for ID Software. I bought all of these along time ago because I was always a huge fan of DOOM. I have the following in Blister packs from Reaper miniatures in mint condition. All (TM)1996 Zombie Marine with Shotgun (3) Marine with shotgun (3) Mancubus Revenant Pain Elemental Baron of Hell Reaper Miniatures (DAIMYO) Arch-Vile Lost Soul Reaper Miniature boxed under Dark Heaven APOCOLYPSE Cacodeamon Zombie Marine with Autorifle (3) Imps (3) Heavy Weapons dude (2) Pink Demons (1) Arachnotron Looking to sell the entire set if possible. Thanks for your interest guys. I can be reached at Dreamkult@yahoo.com https://www.facebook.com/Steve.Garofalo1