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  1. Btw doom CE is doing great on top of what you guys built, I would love to let you know that people are inspired of what you do and would love to see more.
  2. I hate to be the one who asks, but I truely like this project and has been following it from time to time, yet i dont see real progress being made here! Team GEC your doing great but infotming the community of what is planned is something you should do often...
  3. So by this time, it has been more than two years since beta 3 has been released, should we expect any progress on this or should we consider it dead and be happy with beta 3 ?
  4. I hope things are still moving on this project, it has been a very long time since we've had an update ..
  5. Will try to look for my SS and post a screenshot of the issue. Meanwhile a small issue to report, sorry for not being able to show where the issue is exactly, but here you go: In the Crossing Archeron there is is one elevator with missing texture once it is lowered.
  6. I noticed that as well, also there was no way for me to finish black tower since the pillar blocks the button in the pit with the hell knights.
  7. Is it possible to compile a Mac version of this modified Gzdoom?
  8. Great stuff guys 😍 @GEC Are there any pending features/enhancements we are waiting for, or just finishing up the remaining maps? Very existed to play the next beta (or release 🤩) This is not meant to rush you guys I know everyone is doing their best 👍
  9. Awesome job on the wiki DP It should actually be linked in the OP https://doomwiki.org/wiki/PlayStation_Doom:_Master_Edition I have a small question though, I believe most of us would be interested in playing this with a mouse and keyboard, and I remember there was a discussion about how to configure those to work, Any plan to add that information on the wiki?
  10. Very nice guys, You truly made history here :) Are there any efforts to rebase your changes from GZDoom v3? Would you advise mappers to port thier maps to GEC now, or wait for the source port to be merged to upstream GZDoom V3+ Lastly is the source code available somewhere on github? I would love to play around and possibly participate.
  11. Just wanted to let you guys know I've been following this thread daily, I hope we see an update soon 🌷
  12. Hey fellow doomers, first post here even though I've followed the series for more than 20 years :) I was playing through this with my wife, and noticed when mixing the lost levels with the main TC maps, that MAP23 becomes inaccessible! if you decide to take the secret exit in MAP15 you'll never get to MAP23. anyway, I fixed this in LOSTMIX.PK3 and here it is attached if anyone is interested. the progress should be: Map MAP15 Lookup "HUSTR_15" { Music = "$MAPMUS_15" Next = "MAP16" SecretNext = "MAP55" } Map MAP55 Lookup "HUSTR_55" { Music = "$MAPMUS_55" Sky1 = "SKY01" Next = "LOST06" } Map LOST06 lookup "LHUSTR_6" { Music = "$LMAPMUS_6" Sky1 = "FIRESK00" Next = "MAP16" } and it should continue from 22 as it should Map MAP22 Lookup "HUSTR_22" { Music = "$MAPMUS_22" Next = "MAP23" } Map MAP23 Lookup "HUSTR_23" { Music = "$MAPMUS_23" Next = "MAP24" } let me know if you think the order should be different :) P.S. You should change the extension of the file to PK3, instead of ZIP and place it back into MODS folder, and enjoy :) LOSTMIX.zip