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  1. I'm was exitced about fun a Gaming wad. Examples: Chillax (Clusterfuck) Hell on Earth Starter Pack (PB/BD) Hell Revealed (Clusterfuck/PB/BD) Hell Revealed 2 (Clusterfuck/PB/BD) Any posts giving me a link of best wads for PB/BD or Complex Clusterfuck?
  2. TaporGaming50

    [SPRITING] Total Drama Doom Skins?

    I got this one! Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/l0muc9m6666smt8/TotalDramaSkins.wad. at least without rotation and total drama girls sounds. need more yet. to do: Sound and Sprite Rotation
  3. TaporGaming50

    Slade 3 crash...

    I have update my mod but... There is a crash log Something wrong here?
  4. TaporGaming50

    [SPRITING] Total Drama Doom Skins?

    No. I need some peoples to make it from Total Drama Characters Skins in Zandronum. I can't make rotation sprites yet.
  5. TaporGaming50


    Quite nice! i play this later.
  6. TaporGaming50

    Complex Doom Clusterfuck

    A mod created by DustedPandemonic Here is the channel: DustedPandemonic's Channel Many ton people wanted to release complex doom clusterfuck so give this link: https://mega.nz/#F!GdsVnKyY!tBahBv35NujhwVpUxAkpDQ. its hope released. EDIT: Clusterfuck is released EDIT 2: Clusterfuck is updated to 3.0
  7. TaporGaming50

    [SPRITING] Total Drama Doom Skins?

    So i really hard to make it so those all contestants here. here is a example Any ideas? here? link for the skins?
  8. TaporGaming50

    This crash...

    Wait i fixed my crash because i removed spirital imp yet in this time!
  9. TaporGaming50

    This crash...

    V3.0 release
  10. TaporGaming50

    This crash...

    I playing Epic 2 and i load have bad thing yet look any ideas for my computer?
  11. TaporGaming50

    MM8BDM Fun with Doom2.wad

    Yeah i combine Doom2.wad from MM8BDM but i use doom palette but these megaman palette looks bizzare so use this link? https://www.mediafire.com/?ttjrf0bqft25b83 enjoy!
  12. TaporGaming50

    GZDOOM - OpenGl bug

    Don't put Doom2.wad while playing Heretic
  13. Uh... there is something ZDCMP Take 3 yet here?
  14. TaporGaming50

    GZDOOM - OpenGl bug

    you know? some of the textures are flickereing and the sprites are not shown in the game
  15. TaporGaming50

    GZDOOM - OpenGl bug

    So i installed gzdoom and got a bug... Can you help me send a request?