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  1. If you're buying a new phone, DONT EVER GET A WINDOWS PHONE!!!! This is just meant to be a forewarning. Windows Phone is super buggy.

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    2. Teivman


      Heh I got my windows phone for free. Yeh it's shit and there isn't any good doom ports for it. But it's ok.

    3. vita


      I have a Samsung GT-I9500 bought in 2014 with CM 12.1 (have not installed LineageOS yet) and it works okay. And yes, the original Samsung ROM was very bloated.

    4. BigDickBzzrak


      I have learnt a lesson that all phones released after 2013 are garbage made for grannies/glamurous girlz/hipsters.

  2. Just had a really terrible storm. 80-90mph winds. Tore down my fence and made holes in the house. No broken windows though!

    1. Phade102


      I hope its nothing serious and its easily fixable! Take care!

    2. Barons O' Fun