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  1. If you're buying a new phone, DONT EVER GET A WINDOWS PHONE!!!! This is just meant to be a forewarning. Windows Phone is super buggy.

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    2. BadLuckBurt


      No doubt they'll fix it soon but that doesn't make it suck less. Can you prevent it from updating or does it try to go full-auto at all costs?

    3. torekk


      Not sure if you still have warranty on the phone or if law in your country allows software modification on your phone with that, but can't you just flash Android on there? I heard there's a few phones you can do that with, check out XDA developers.


      I mean I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 mini that I bought in 2015 for cheap(the contract was just 1€ more for 24 months, so 24€). I found that the TouchWiz version of Samsung runs rather sluggish and I was limited to Android 4.4.2.


      Flashed a version of Android 7 on there and it even runs smoother than before. Battery time increased as well, propably due to all the Samsung bloat crap missing.

    4. Barons O' Fun

      Barons O' Fun

      @torrek haha, nice

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