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  1. Mine would probably have to be completing the entire Doom 1 game (Thy Flesh Consumed excluded) without dying once in Ultra-Violence difficulty.
  2. Barons O' Fun

    Duke nukem VS Doom

    I own a VPN
  3. Barons O' Fun

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Brutal Doom
  4. ohhh, ok. Sorry. I am a dumbass, so I need people to straighten me out every once in a while :P
  5. @leodoom85 I thought those were the rules
  6. wait, I thought everybody was to make their own 32-map WAD.
  7. Barons O' Fun

    Duke nukem VS Doom

    I'll bet anybody here that's beaten Doom1/2 on UV or Nightmare! would have a easy time beating D3D on "Damn, I'm Good" have you were given proper ammo supply
  8. I dont know what the hell happened that day, but it sounds pretty hilarious....
  9. Barons O' Fun

    Moments where you truly were freaked out

    the bathroom thing scared me because of surprise "They took my baby" scared the shit out of me because of sheer creepiness and then the red screen with the baby crying. It still kinda freaks me out... surprisingly, I never got scared of the gory stuff, like the guy torn open and stuck to the ceiling, or the lost soul intro, I was just more like "ewww, yuck" Its more the horror elements that scare me. Like the imp under the stairs, or the corridor in Comm Transfer with the strobing satanic imagery and the women screaming.
  10. Barons O' Fun

    The scientist in Delta Labs 4

    because the story is programmed that way.....
  11. Barons O' Fun

    Duke nukem VS Doom

    Doom is eating D3D for breakfast. Hmmmm, big shocker there....
  12. Barons O' Fun

    Let's Be Revealing

    Favourite Movie Genre: Christian & Gospel ;P Favourite Food: Pizza (geek alert ;)Favourite Holiday: Birthday (yes, I just made that a holiday ;) Favourite Memory: Joining DoomWorld Worst Memory: Moving on... Age: Basically 18 Favourite Music: Doom Hated Music: Rap, pop, techno, and disco Dominant Hand: Left Worst Injury: Fell on a piece of solid metal, landed on my forehead. Favourite Hobby: DOOM!!!!!! In your opinion, are situation typically black or white: What...
  13. Barons O' Fun

    Duke nukem VS Doom

    Gameplay wise: Doom for sure Feature and Graphic wise: Duke Nukem 3D. Duke Nukem is a good game, but not always getting ammo from dead foes really annoys me
  14. it seems a lot of people have this type problem (not pointing out or making light of this at all). I'm really sorry for you guys. If you guys need to talk to somebody, im here!
  15. yeah that's what I've heard. I live in Hungary so I don't know to much about that :)
  16. If you're buying a new phone, DONT EVER GET A WINDOWS PHONE!!!! This is just meant to be a forewarning. Windows Phone is super buggy.

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    2. Teivman


      Heh I got my windows phone for free. Yeh it's shit and there isn't any good doom ports for it. But it's ok.

    3. vita


      I have a Samsung GT-I9500 bought in 2014 with CM 12.1 (have not installed LineageOS yet) and it works okay. And yes, the original Samsung ROM was very bloated.

    4. BigDickBzzrak


      I have learnt a lesson that all phones released after 2013 are garbage made for grannies/glamurous girlz/hipsters.

  17. @40oz agreed, pretty encouraging stuff right there, thank you!
  18. I've been to Texas, its quite the ugly bastard. And freakin hot too
  19. @Arctangent I didn't mean it like that. But saying I have a social problem is not called for and helps nothing at all, you know...
  20. @Arctangent I'm trying to cheer people up, is there a problem with that?
  21. what are the advantages of Boom? I've never even heard of it til now
  22. Barons O' Fun

    Chaingun vs plasma?

    totally agree, it's annoying. But I still use it though
  23. Barons O' Fun

    Stupid Doom save spam that I did.

    guess you're gonna have to start over....
  24. Barons O' Fun

    Wads that bring you to your knees

    Plutonia Experiment....nuff said