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  1. I'll refer you to a quote that I found interesting a long time ago, in another thread from the distant time of 2013:
  2. Medal of Honor: Underground was probably the best. I revisited it in like 2010 on emulator, the controls were crappier but I remember playing it on original PSX and controls were better, was fun with the cousins and all that pre-2005.
  3. @DeXiaZ good luck, I'd be happy to see it remade, might even play it myself if that were the case
  4. Say a game like, Call of Duty Black Ops II. It's a good game, mostly fun to play with friends, but it's kind of dull and not much to look at. The most exciting place is Nuketown while every other war torn city is pretty boring to look at. It's good for what it is, but I want less realistic military FPS games and more crazy stuff like Doom '16.
  5. Oh lord lol, do you have an actual Sega 32x? As soon as I fire up this level I'm hype because of the track. I turn left and there's a set of stairs with (depending on the version) an imp or two. Then I go to the walkway guarded by acid and shoot the imp on the raised platform to... Hey wait a minute, this is just a lame walk through of the level. Well I go for all the secrets instead of rushing to the end because that's what you do (unless you're speed running)
  6. Oh good heavens, I do enjoy me some jazz, especially my favorite DOOM track of all time. 🎷🎷🎷🎷🎷🎷🎷🎷 Art Blakey and pretty much any other Hard Bop style Jazz would also work imo, it's got a hard and fast paced about it
  7. Yes, thank you for that, I've been playing New Vegas and they reminded me of that edit: had no idea they were actually mutated Hawk Wasps. I knew they looked kinda familiar...
  8. Oh Christ I don't mind bugs, but that would be terrifying. Actually, I hate wasps though. Those are definitely the worse. My state's insect is the Tarantula Hawk Wasp so have fun with that in your dreams.
  9. Like Ross Scott said, these graphics will look lame in comparison to our glorious 3D holo-deck graphics of the future.
  10. oh nothing, just a demon I changed my Lana cover pic to a more minimalist picture that hides the shit crop job I did on my old Morty avatar (but shhh, you can only see it against a lighter background) plus 20 kb file limit made most of my choices look like pixelated gahbage.
  11. It's not THAT bad lol admittedly I prefer Abe's Exoddus, the lore is amazing and I've loved it ever since I was a kid. one of the few games where a walkthrough won't help. it's all pretty straight forward, it's all about timing and reflexes really.
  12. Doom 64 is dark ambient goodness