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  1. Absolutely beautiful and a nice atmosphere too.
  2. Adorable, great idea. I'm glad enough time has passed that Doom can now be used in a positive light for the development of children.
  3. Protip: there's a general thread for this kind of thing:
  4. lol
  5. @Steve D man I coulda had a V8! @varth reminds me of this
  6. If someone gets offended then they need to get their priorities straight. Everyone is allowed to believe in different things. I know the bible well enough to defend it but meh, we're just here to have fun. Alternatively this is also me
  7. Just wish Eli Roth would get to it already instead of doing the whole 80's slasher thing where the idiots spend 30 minutes of the movie partying and having sex.
  8. The Mask with Jim Carrey, still good but sometimes I couldn't help but think of that awful sequel with Jamie Kennedy
  9. I'm not sure I follow, is that a bad thing for you? Those are things I actually love to think/talk about. For me there's so many possibilities and there's proof that there's still wonder and mystery in the world. Like I said, not even therapy or meds can work/be the end-all-final-solution. Sometimes it's just learning to live with it, although I don't see that as a necessarily bad thing either.
  10. wow and yet weebs still wanna live there? pretty sure the band was just a laundering front for a drug operation, but that's my theory about everything at this point :P
  11. Welp, I feel pretty silly for not including this. I only started playing it in 2012 but I immediately fell in love. It's definitely one of my fav RPG's and the story still carries quite a bit of weight even today.
  12. RPGs: Morrowind, Fallout 2, Fallout New Vegas, Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines JRPGs: Final Fantasy VII, .hack 1-4
  13. Yeah see that's the thing. I mentioned earlier that I'm not depressed anymore but my PTSD still manifests HEAVILY in other situations. Maybe it comes out in anger or some other form. It's hard dealing with something that's not so tangible. So yeah you might not be experiencing "depression" as we think it's to be experienced...but there could still be a deeper and physiological response to it as well. If your emotions aren't as intense, then I would say it could be a symptom of something...but I won't speculate on that, as you might want to see a professional instead. But also be aware that therapists aren't the ultimate and final solution (although obviously they can be very beneficial). It's a process and it takes more than just one factor to straighten yourself out.