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  1. Uh so apparently I had HBO this whole time and didn't know it. So I watched LEGEND starring Tom Hardy as two gangster twins and Emily Browning as Frances Shea, based on a true story. Honestly give me anything with Tom Hardy, that man is dreamy <3 also I had fun with it
  2. WHAT ARE YOUR ALBUMS OF 2017? It looks to be another great year for music! NEW NIN, NEW LANA DEL REY, NEW TYLER THE CREATOR, NEW THE BIRTHDAY MASSACRE, NEW AH CAMA SOTZ, and I think there's still a few I'm missing. I'm beyond hyped. 

    1. YukiRaven


      A few I can think of...


      * KMFDM - Hell Yeah  <- totally UTTERLY stoked for this!

      * The Frozen Autumn has a new one coming out

      * I think Inkubus Sukkubus has a new one soon, too.

      * New Laibach soon!

      * Suicide Commando just had a new one released that I am very excited to hear.

    2. Eris Falling

      Eris Falling

      The Source by Ayreon (released back in April I think) was solid stuff. Reaching into Infinity by DragonForce was shaping up to be their best ever judging by the songs they released beforehand but the rest of the album ranged from ok to actually quite crap. Haven't heard anything else released this year, nor anything else upcoming from the bands I listen to.

    3. Eris Falling

      Eris Falling

      oh, new Wintersun out today, might be worth a listen

    4. Neurosis


      @YukiRaven HOLY CRAP I DIDN'T KNOW THERE WAS A NEW SUICIDE COMMANDO THIS IS AMAZING. Also there's a new Velvet Acid Christ and Ghostemane EP that I have to check out as well :P 

    5. YukiRaven


      ooooo nice!  I live in the same city that Velvet Acid Christ comes from, maybe I'll run into them unexpectedly someday.

    6. Neurosis


      You live in Denver? I'm FROM there hahaha I don't live there anymore but I always hoped to run into him too hahah

    7. YukiRaven


      Haha, yep!  Up in Westminster.  Crazy, you're like the only other person from Colorado I've met on here.

  3. The perfect games were made by Team Silent circa 1999-2003 with the best video game OST of all time courtesy of Akira Yamaoka. So yeah I'm picky nowadays. Another perfect game to me was the first Deus Ex. Great atmosphere, music, and high replay value. I guess ultimately what I'm looking for is high replay value. I wanna have fun, don't hurt me plenty because I'm somewhat of a casual. I go to games to escape, and it's nice to be able to revisit a single game every now and then over the course of 10+ years (like Max Payne 2).
  4. Yeah I went back and listened to their discog back in 2012 and I enjoyed it. I especially became fond of a newer album called A Thousand Suns. To me it was like their version of NIN's Year Zero, albeit a bit more positive. Tell me this isn't a great song it's still like so out of the blue and so strange. I mean he's another example that money and fame aren't always gonna be enough to save us from ourselves. And that doesn't have to be a bad message to walk away with. It means there's more to life than those things. I hope he's found what he was looking for. RIP Chester :( EDIT: WHAT THE HECK IS THIS?
  5. MUH AMBIENT FEELS I LOVE IT ALREADY STEP OFF HATERS (looks like there's going to be another Year Zero style ARG and possibly even another album after this one so it's connected with Not The Actual Events in an interesting way)
  6. I was with Firefox for so many years, but I finally just stopped using it and switched to chrome. The mobile firefox is somehow better lol. Also people still using firefox said they had to use it in like dev mode or something for it to not be such a resource hog? so yeah I'm not gonna mess with it lol I don't have time for that.
  7. Does Killer7 use the DOOM pistol sound FX? Seems like something they would do. I was watching a stream last night and someone was playing Killer7 so maybe my memory is a little fuzzy.

    1. Impie


      All the Doom sounds are generic foley sounds, from what I understand. Look at any movie with a shot of a camel: it always makes the imp noises because imps make stock camel noises.

    2. Impie


      Their death sounds anyway. Not the screeching obviously, unless we're talking hell camels from outer space.

  8. @Aggs I love you for posting this lol I'm gonna go ahead and add some more Swans because I feel like they're slept on.
  9. I realized I can't always overthink these things when it comes to making music, whether ambient or not. Just enjoy yourself and have fun with it. It's always much better that way.
  10. >15 likes that was too easy lol.
  11. Aww, that sucks. I didn't hear anything about this all day. Dude was awesome, I'll miss him.
  12. I've listened to the Birthday Massacre like 1500 times in the past 3 months, and yeah I kept track >_> ((( courtesy of/blame goes to @cyan0s1s for introducing me to that band ))) I know when Bob Ross is going to be on PBS (saturday mornings) and yet I also still watch him on Twitch and Youtube. I might be addicted. Send help. also I've been away so long that I have 42 notifications. Like I'm gonna look at all that lollll
  13. I Write Like Jaden Smith And Use The Forum As My Diary To Piss People Off