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  1. Welcome to the forum, man.  I dig your avatar...not because I am an anime fan or even of "One Punch Man"...but a buddy of mine once showed me an episode and I thought the concept was humorous, and the look on One Punch Man's face always amused me.


    @bzzrak has free iPad's if you're interested.

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    2. ‹rd›


      I'll take a creepy greeting too. 

    3. TacoTurtle


      Haha, I saw my notification bar "6 notifications... er ok?". Hello all!

      I don't really watch anime, it's very rare I'll even watch a feature length anime film. But man, One Punch Man is quite humorous and I can't wait for season 2! That said I can't wait for season 3 of Rick and Morty either.

    4. Tracer


      Man...who knew greeting people was so frowned upon.  Goes to show the character of a lot of people here.