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  1. TacoTurtle

    Which map is harder, E4M1 Hell Beneath or E4M2 Perfect Hatred?

    I find E4M1 easier of the two. The teleport and strafing into the shotgunners is also satisfying :>
  2. TacoTurtle

    What would Doom smell like?

    I want a solid chocolate imp for Christmas.
  3. TacoTurtle

    Are there any plans for a Brutal Doom for Doom 2016?

    Why did you post a picture of Kim Kardashian?
  4. TacoTurtle

    coming back after a 3 year hiatus

    Let us know how you get on :) even if just a line for each wad, I'd be intrigued :)
  5. TacoTurtle

    coming back after a 3 year hiatus

    A few wads from the last few years that are definitely worth a play :) https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/valiant https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/sunlust https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/aaliens https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/megawads/btsx_e1
  6. TacoTurtle

    Is there anything in Doom you find truly archaic?

    Obviously the game is archaic in many aspects. I think the main gripes you could complain about if this was a game released in 2017 that would keep it's essence: y-shearing/the inability to mlook up and down infinite height actors higher resolution sprites/textures/added particles higher resolution audio
  7. TacoTurtle

    If a new Doom movie was made...

    I think you could make an artistic master piece if you were to assemble the right team: Premise: High focus on cinematography, production, soundtrack composition, directing and editing. No dialogue. Mix between shots of 1st person and 3rd person. Literally just a 3 hour film, of start to finish DOOM I episodes 1-3 with a creative license.
  8. TacoTurtle

    "Ultra-Violence is the real way to play Doom"

    It's a game; difficulty levels exist within the game; ergo they are all real ways to play the game. Struggling with a particular map or WAD? Knock down the difficulty. However, I would say that in DOOM I and II, if the player is proficient enough UV can lend itself to being the most enjoyable experience of the game. It also tends to be a good way to get consistency across different map (sets), as rdwpa highlighted it tends to be the most tested.
  9. TacoTurtle

    SHRILK - A 90s Inspired Wad

    I'm gonna try doing them with savestates now, from map 1 onwards, so if there's anything I find that is a bug or is just plain outright broken I will let you know :) If you want I can do another attempt at map7 if that helps you out :)
  10. TacoTurtle

    SHRILK - A 90s Inspired Wad

    Excuse the shitty plays, drunk and or tired at times. I regretted pulling out the rocket launcher before I even fired. RIP ME. SHRILK-FDA.7z
  11. TacoTurtle

    SHRILK - A 90s Inspired Wad

    Seems I accidently deleted the - in the launch options... woops. I'm gonna resume playing the other maps when I got some time, I'll chuck up a demo again.
  12. TacoTurtle

    Retribution (single level)

  13. TacoTurtle

    SHRILK - A 90s Inspired Wad

    I had so much fun playing this, so thank you. I really liked some of the design features. I'm so cheesed at how I died though. I'm gonna blame it on demo recording because I hate the mouse movement ;) Hopefully the demo helps so you can see what proclivities I had. SHRILK-FDA.zip
  14. TacoTurtle

    Retribution (single level)

    GZDOOM 3.1.0 / 64bit I guess I got pretty lucky with the infighting, as I managed to survive the first room and picked up the chainsaw. The infighting outside with the cacos and revs worked alright. All in all this map felt like it makes you work to get armed and ready, which makes me want to play map2 so I can put that to full effect ;) Just wanted to point out two door textures that were messed up (edge of the door running through the middle) x -1277 y 171 x 607 y -60
  15. Well put. As well as the other notes you made. I'm quite partial however to 'hub' layouts (returning back to a central/focal point stage by stage) so in that sense I appreciated it. The only other cool thing was the Chaingun room. Always fun mowing everyone down.
  16. So by today's standards it is clear that time has not been kind. That in mind, I can very much seeing myself being estatic had I played this when I was a lot younger. E2M1: Great start.... I suppose it foreshadows how much of a pain in the ass shotgunners are going to be. I liked the pentagram windows, nice little touch. Also the Lava room upon entry with the four imps screaming at once was pretty atmospheric. I felt like the grey caverns in this map could have been a bit darker. E2M2: I liked the opening on this one (but then again, who wouldn't after the lovely start on the first map?). Jokes aside descending elevators at the starts of levels always gets me. Makes me feel like I'm putting myself in it; whether it be hell or just in the nitty gritty underdwellings of a powerstation or sewage treatment facility. Speaking of sewage treatment, it took me a lot longer to find that green switch to raise the ground in the sewage room than I care to admit. E2M3: The darker areas of this map were on point, compared to that of the first map. This was a stand out map for me so far, as after observing the blood bath below the yellow skull and taking a right I was met in with a little bit of a surprise that did catch me off guard. The sound of all the walls going at the same time hammered home danger and immediately I was pressed up against the wall trying to unload my shotgun as fast as I could. And yep... another surprise when I came back through. Executed well. Overall the maps seem a bit... fragmented in sections and didn't seem to gel that well together. Look forward to playing more soon!
  17. TacoTurtle

    My first map of 2017: Myriads

    I enjoyed playing it, only found 3 secrets though! Good weapon and health balance and nice monster variety. Good use of spectres and hitscan mobs.
  18. TacoTurtle

    ROOTPAIN Remake (New video added!)

    This is a concept I can get behind. Make it metaphorical, get the player invested in the goal/aim. Foreshadow some elements and then have a big reveal at the end. Of course, you'd probably want to release it under a pseudonym, so best start mapping some other worthwhile standard maps to release under said pseudonym until you drop the new concept blind. :P
  19. TacoTurtle

    What was your first Doom experience (and in order)?

    Well, myself, about 5 at the time. My memory isn't exactly clear so I've romanticized it a bit to make for enjoyable reading (at least I hope) When I was younger, my family computer was bought as a present by my father's grandparents. This was no small present, it was at the time the most valuable thing the house by a long distance, and that included the family car. My dad was away a lot in the Navy, so it was mainly used by myself and my brother as an educational aid. For my dad, he used it as a gaming machine. He came back one time and had this floppy disk that had the word "doom" in all lower case, scribbled by someone. He was excited, and so was I. I remember all the colour filling up the screen and this powerful music coming to life from the speakers. Well he loaded up the level and died pretty quick, at which point he realised I probably shouldn't be in the room. It didn't take long having been exposed to this colourful and interactive dreamworld that my curiousity was too strong. And it wasn't too long until I was playing it with him, hitting space when he needed me to. It was an unconventional relationship; I still remember him playing Stonekeep and the hyperactive response I had to him when he got chased down by the tall ugly green Throggi. But when time was so limited with my father, I'm glad we were able to find sometime together somehow.