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  1. 1. it was an accident to find a secret level, you can immediately see the work of all the mappers who made fragments and reunions of this map into one), the whole set went through and I really liked it, I'm counting on the second episode! :) 2. and Tango, as always, did a hard job for his gamemod!:)
  2. Sapfiar

    Nensha - single boom map (now on idgames!)

    Damn, how I missed it, it's a great Map, however, like all the maps of Chester! Friend, I'm waiting for Hellsinger, it will be the best of the best! 0/4 secrets, where did you hide them :))
  3. funny level, it's a pity that it ends quickly:)
  4. Congrats on the release. look fantastic!
  5. Congrats on the release! Сompleted the first 3 levels, looks great!
  6. Cool, very cool levels, everything is perfectly played, But Damn how to configure it to be in full screen, I can't do anything with it stupidly in the game window...( And Yes, Congratulations on the release! :)
  7. I finally finished this Behemoth. in many places, I really liked the gameplay and architecture in some places, but... But in overall, the level very much loses fps, and performance even in GZDoom 4.5 with Rysen7 2700 + RTX2060super and RTX 3060Ti :) and here's another softlock, although most likely you already know about it 9/10 -1 point only due to performance
  8. Sapfiar

    [PRBoom-Compat] Unhallowed

    played on hmp took a little less than 50 minutes, Damn beautiful map, played in one go :) I recommend it to everyone!
  9. Many thanks to everyone for your kind words, I am very glad that you like this project! It means a lot to me and to everyone who took part in it.
  10. guys, congratulations on the release, your level is Absolute madness in a good sense of the word!
  11. Sapfiar

    Cacowards 2020 Mentionation Thread

    I forgot about my favorite Wads in 2020 - Technicolor Antichrist Box by Major Arlene Bastion of Chaos by Bridgeburner56 Shrine II by Scumhead and Mengo The Mapwich 2 by Bridgeburner56 and crew 1,000 Lines 2 by Liberation and crew Ar Luminae by Aurelius and Kaito Faithless: Trilogy by Jimmy Refracted Reality y killerkouhai and crew There are no priorities everything is written in random order:)
  12. Sapfiar

    Cacowards 2020 Mentionation Thread

    I agree with @Bridgeburner56 and @RonnieJamesDiner pick @PRIMEVAL, his music is just breathtaking "The Coming Hour" I will remember it for a long time:)
  13. I'm upset that this set doesn't work in GZDoom:(
  14. Sapfiar

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    @Bridgeburner56 and @Tango AWesome shots!! You both do magic :)
  15. Тew screenshots on the first page are very pleasing, something new :)
  16. Sapfiar

    Bastion of Chaos - Low spec version is up!

    Congrats on the release! Fantastic work!
  17. Sapfiar

    [Release] Freaky Panties 2: Boxers or Briefs

    Congratulations on the release! This looks cool!
  18. Still a very cool map, most of all I like the part where the pink key is located:) Well done, great job!
  19. Sapfiar

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    Something is coming...
  20. Sapfiar

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    it's too beautiful to be true. I wanted to describe this beauty, but my translator couldn't find the right words:-)
  21. Sapfiar

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    My first map made with @RonnieJamesDiner for Mapwich 2. For me it was an incredible experience in working on the map, there were many ideas, some of which were not included in the final version. Also, a huge thank you to my partner for helping me with my part of the map. And huge thank to @Bridgeburner56 and @Tango
  22. listened to the music, loved it! I can not choose which track I like the most because I like everything and everyone in their own way!
  23. Sapfiar

    Post your Doom textures!

    And who is the author of these textures, can I use, recoloring, them in my Wad ? Found it in Valiant, Stardate20x7 CC4 :)
  24. Looks ammmazing!! Can't wait to two days to play it, the first screenshot is stunning:)
  25. Congratulations on release! Awesome!