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  1. if they start demonetizing Zero Master, im gonna be really pissed
  2. LGR is getting demonetized? what the hell?? i seriously cannot think of a single reason why thats a logical desicion...
  3. @Dragonfly damn, that looks REALLY good!
  4. YouTube is just bored it seems...theyre just demonetizing everything now for no reason at all...
  5. Nobody's crying...but somebody is getting angry for no appearent reason.... just sayin...
  6. My theme song? "I like big WADs and I cannot otha brothas can't DENY!" i made this up myself ;P
  7. dew <3 Tracer awwwwwww this is adorable :3
  8. While I'm not wasting my life away with Doom. I buy a few non-working computers, and try to fix them up so I can sell them. I don't know if techie/computer knowledge would be needed in that certain time though...
  9. @Maes how does DEU work?
  10. But what about wheat? How are you gonna eat bread?? ;)
  11. lowercaseforme. andialwaysputthenameinonewordjusttopisspeopleoff...
  12. And then, add on another episode that is really fucking awesome, but makes no sense, and quotes the bible.
  13. And then you go to Hell!! To fight a really shitty boss battle from maybe....I dunno....a spider?
  14. I would really like this game where you run really fucking fast and nonstop kill things...maybe, demons...