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Everything posted by CzechMate29200

  1. CzechMate29200

    Why You Chose The Username You Did

    What's the story behind your specific username? Feel free to share it here :) CzechMate29200 I think you can figure out CzechMate...i live in Czech Republic, and Checkmate rhymes with Czech. The numbers are my birthday, February 29th 2000 (not kidding, that's my real birthday) what's your name about? Im curious :)
  2. CzechMate29200

    Your favourite TYPE of level?

    -your favourite map setting? -favourite map difficulty? -chaingunners? -long or short? -detail-focused or gameplay-focused? ------------------------------------------------------ my favourite map setting is Hell favourite difficulty would be hard. Like the ending levels of Scythe. I hate chaingunners I appreciate short maps, they are funner Imo I prefer gameplay-focused. While I do appreciate detail. If i had to choose between the two, it would be towards gameplay
  3. CzechMate29200

    Lefty Doomers?

    Originally a topic idea making fun of the "Leftist Doomers" topic. But now im just curious, how many left-handed Doomers are here? Im one! :)
  4. CzechMate29200

    What would have made Doom 3 perfect to you?

    for me, just faster gameplay, and NO reloading... edit: and not taking 6 fucking bullets to kill a single zombie...
  5. CzechMate29200

    Whats your favourite Demon death sound?

    Yes I know, it's a weird question. Im bored, dont judge me.... Mine would be the Imps moose-like death sound. I think it's hilarious when I blast the shit out of one with a Super Shotgun, and it makes that sound, I dont why
  6. CzechMate29200

    Megashit in the bathroom...

    I'm replaying Doom 3 right now. I walked up to one of the toilets (I was wondering if there was some sort of Easter egg in there), and the was this GIGANTIC turd in there. And then there also whispers coming out of the toilet. Has anyone else noticed this?
  7. CzechMate29200

    Your first map...what was it like?

    What was your first map like? Tell us about it! Mine was ehh, terrible, like really bad... bad map design, bad enemy placement, trollmap-like instadeath traps, and such...i dont know what the hell i was thinking, hehe :P
  8. My favourite level to DM on is MAP03 of Doom 2. Mostly because of great places to take cover. id like to see find out what else is out there for DMing What's yours?
  9. CzechMate29200

    YouTube demonetizing classic FPS videos

    if they start demonetizing Zero Master, im gonna be really pissed
  10. CzechMate29200

    YouTube demonetizing classic FPS videos

    LGR is getting demonetized? what the hell?? i seriously cannot think of a single reason why thats a logical desicion...
  11. CzechMate29200

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    @Dragonfly damn, that looks REALLY good!
  12. CzechMate29200

    YouTube demonetizing classic FPS videos

    YouTube is just bored it seems...theyre just demonetizing everything now for no reason at all...
  13. CzechMate29200

    Your perfect FPS

    Nobody's crying...but somebody is getting angry for no appearent reason.... just sayin...
  14. CzechMate29200

    If you could have your own theme song...

    My theme song? "I like big WADs and I cannot lie...you otha brothas can't DENY!" i made this up myself ;P
  15. CzechMate29200

    Your perfect FPS

    dew <3 Tracer awwwwwww this is adorable :3
  16. CzechMate29200

    Strengths and Weaknesses In The End Times

    While I'm not wasting my life away with Doom. I buy a few non-working computers, and try to fix them up so I can sell them. I don't know if techie/computer knowledge would be needed in that certain time though...
  17. CzechMate29200

    Your first map...what was it like?

    @Maes how does DEU work?
  18. CzechMate29200

    Strengths and Weaknesses In The End Times

    But what about wheat? How are you gonna eat bread?? ;)
  19. CzechMate29200

    Capital or lowercase letters in the filename?

    lowercaseforme. andialwaysputthenameinonewordjusttopisspeopleoff...
  20. CzechMate29200

    Your perfect FPS

    And then, add on another episode that is really fucking awesome, but makes no sense, and quotes the bible.
  21. CzechMate29200

    Your perfect FPS

    And then you go to Hell!! To fight a really shitty boss battle from maybe....I dunno....a spider?
  22. CzechMate29200

    Your perfect FPS

    I would really like this game where you run really fucking fast and nonstop kill things...maybe, demons...
  23. CzechMate29200

    Share a surprising fact about yourself

    yeah, but it sucks...
  24. CzechMate29200

    Share a surprising fact about yourself

    I'm secretly real a Baron from hell. And I'm scoping out DoomWorld and plotting revenge on earth...