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Everything posted by CzechMate29200

  1. if you really hate the guy, dont play it. if you really disagree with the guy, who cares? we all have our own opinions. You are supposed to play mods to have fun and enjoy the modding community....
  2. CzechMate29200

    Recommend Any Maps For A Doom Newbie?

    Scythe, it's pretty sweet and welcome to DoomWorld!
  3. CzechMate29200

    Favourite Classic Doom game and why?

    The Ultimate Doom, I really dont know why...I guess I like it more than Doom II because of the music...
  4. CzechMate29200

    What was your first Doom experience (and in order)?

    I was reading news (yes, im that kind of person) one day and saw this article titled "Hry, které měly být zakázány" (Games that should've been banned). Of course, being the rebel that I am, I quickly clicked on the article and started reading it so I could play the shit out of them :) Most of the games there were from the 90s, like Duke Nukem 3D, Wolfenstein 3D, but then there was this one called Doom. I knew what the word meant in English, so that caught my attention pretty quick. So I did some research on Doom. I found this article and all I read out of it was "Kickass gameplay and a shitload of enemies to kill, get Doom right now". so that's exactly what I did, found out about source ports and such and then got Doom and played it. It was meh at first but then after like the 5th time playing it, I was hooked. This was almost a year ago...the rest is history :) I found out about DoomWorld a long time ago, but never joined until a couple days ago...
  5. Im gonna try and learn "Shawns Got The Shotgun" on the guitar. My favourite song in Doom II. This will be my first ever "cool" song  B-)

  6. CzechMate29200

    Laughter Is The Best Medicine

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v75wCTMZoSY An American friend showed me this, during the election in 2016. They videos fron thus guy and add words that fit in with their lips. Its quite hilarious, and they did a good job also.
  7. CzechMate29200

    Favorite Song in Doom/Doom 2?

    E1M9, E3M8, E1M8, E2M6 MAP29, MAP23, MAP16, MAP01
  8. CzechMate29200

    The story behind your custom avatar

    I play guitar and i like Doom sooooooooo, this is what i got (its not made by me though)
  9. CzechMate29200

    Doom 2 in anagrams only

    Id like to see some maps made out of these. Except for "Semen Tents" that would probably get a little weird...
  10. CzechMate29200

    Lets talk about demons on Doom 2 and 1.

    Barons - Good and keep up the pace Hell Knights- id Software obviously ran out of ideas, but they still keep up the pace Lost Souls - absolutely fucking annoying Pain Elementals - uuuggggghhhhhh Revanants - not horribly annoying, but they really give you a good challenge Mancubus - I personally cant find a good use for them, but they do serve there purpose in Doom II Former Humans - I like what @rdwpa said about them, they are fodder and just plain fun to gib. But they can be used in later levels for a better gameplay over all. which demands strategy on the players end. Imps - they make for a tougher SOB over the former humans. but they are an excellent reflex challenge on Nightmare! difficulty. Cacos - Rhymes with my favourite food 😀. Excellent for high levels like The Chasm. And they are always happy! Archviles - A freind of mine says i look like one because Im very tall, skinny, and have huge hands 🙂. With that aside though, they are a demon that should defintely be on the top of your killing priority list. Thats when Doom II shows that it really doesnt give a shit about coddling you. Demons & Spectres - i hate them, intry to use them as least as possible in my maps
  11. CzechMate29200

    I cannot "X", therefore I "Y".

    me personally, I play around with everything and experiment and see what gets it right
  12. CzechMate29200

    Hitscanners: Yay or nay?

    Yay, and also nay.... ...My opinion depends on whether or not the placement of these hitscaners are correct or at least make sense. For example, the Plutonia Experiment goes a little bit overboard with these bastards in my opinion. And it just doesn't make to much sense to me. It just looks like they quickly scrambled everything together and slapped some demons in there and called it good. when really it just seems unbalanced....(granted though they did only have 4 months to make a full WAD, so I cant give them too much crap).... Knee-Deep in the Dead, however, is a great example of good hitscanner placement. it has just the right amount of hitscaner placement that makes sense. and it also gives a good challenge on higher difficulties, but with making it too much of a challenge and becoming completely freakin ridiculous. Thy Flesh Consumed gives a much harder challenge, but it is still not as overboard like Plutonia... that's just my opinion though :D.....
  13. CzechMate29200

    Wads that bring you to your knees

    Final Doom: Plutonia
  14. CzechMate29200

    What's Your Best Personal Doom Achievement ?

    Beat E4M1 on Nightmare! granted though i did use the red key grab :P. Exited with 1% health. It was pretty awesome :)
  15. Hi! Can i join? if so, i would like to test maps also. Thanks