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File Reviews posted by CzechMate29200

  1. Greymood


    I really like this level. The dreadfulness here is really nice. Detail is pretty good, although some places could've used more. The level is fucking hard (which I like) and definitely is fast-paced. Overall a really cool level. 4/5 :)

  2. Start


    I mean, it's cool. The furniture is well designed. But you could've at least made an entire house instead of just a (tiny) room. Next time though, don't bullshit people into thinking that you have a good amount of demons to kill by saying the map is "fun".

  3. Space Inferno


    the level design is quite nice. The monster placement is awesome imo. Overall a really good newbie map :). I thought the music sucked at first but then it played some more and I liked it. It fits well with the level