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Posts posted by CzechMate29200

  1. 5 minutes ago, Megalyth said:

    If it was only myself, I'd be well suited for a wandering lifestyle, but I have a family, so I'd have to settle in somewhere to take care of them.


    To that end, I know how to repair and build a wide variety of things, I'm a decent gardener and hunter, I know how to care for livestock (including butchering animals for meat), etc. 

    But what about wheat? How are you gonna eat bread?? ;)

  2. @Phade102 yes, yes I am :D


    oh god, my first map is total shit...maybe it could qualify for a terryWAD ;D


    @leodoom85 thanks!!


    Thanks a bunch guys, this really means a lot to me :)


    If anyone wants to just play around with the WIP, just PM me and I can send it to you :)


    edit: yaaaaayyyy I got a ribbon!! :D