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  1. I can honestly say that I haven't gotten 8 hours of sleep in months, that's probably why I say stupid stuff.....is anybody else like this?


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    2. Fonze


      My carrot was toward BLB,  just for clarifications sake.


      Czech,  that kinda just goes to prove my point more though. 

    3. CzechMate29200



      Czech,  that kinda just goes to prove my point more though.

      didn't understand what you meant by Czech until just now, people have been calling me that and it confuses me, so heres my real name: Viktor Kazda :)


      and thanks for the advice!

    4. BadLuckBurt


      There's so many factors, mental and physical exhaustion, stress levels etc. that determine the right amount and seeing how good we are at ignoring our body's signals, I would be surprised if the majority of people get what they need :D


      It's true, you can condition yourself for certain conditions, like the military. There was a scientist who did a study on himself, he trained himself to only sleep for a few hours at a time (something not even the military does) and found that he would get tired faster. Taking a nap would refresh him again but still, he couldn't go on as long as a person with a normal sleep rhythm.


      Your military friends probably would have to get re-conditioned to sleep normally, not something they'd look forward to I think. But that's pretty much what they do during training, break down your biological clock and reprogram it.