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  1. Hell_Baroness

    Some Baron pics

    Handsome, really , really handsome!!!! ;)
  2. Hell_Baroness

    I morphed my brother into a Revenant!!

    Heh, I knew that those questions were going to be asked sooner or later :P Impse morphing? That's too dangerous....I work in front of MANY people at school. And...uh...that's not my biz... Other's pic morphing? Heh, I dunno, you'll have to send them via e-mail and wait for me to get the time to work on them :P
  3. Hell_Baroness

    Lost Soul

    I think they like to collide with your head and/or bite ya ;P They have such a bad mood and a low intelligence (I remember when they tried to beat a Cyberdemon at Tower of Babel X)) BTW, Assmaster, Great Lost soul!! Cool fire!! (uuuh,that sounded weird, like cold fire :P) what program did you use to make your pic?? Me curious
  4. Hell_Baroness

    Archie strikes back ;)

    AFAIK, there are no archviles in the PSX version, they were replaced by black demons.
  5. Hell_Baroness

    Archie strikes back ;)

    ROFL!! Archie already reminds me of the Pumpkinhead (the suit rocked ;) *Goes and shouts to Archie* Okay!! You already listened!! No more dog treats for 3 weeks!! They have too much fat!! Archie: /=( (='(
  6. Hell_Baroness

    Archie strikes back ;)

    LOL!I thought that too ;)Scaaaaaaaaaary......... And I thought he was too moreno("dark skinned") due that I used peach color :P
  7. Hell_Baroness

    Archie strikes back ;)

    http://www.queen-ghidorah.netfirms.com/archie2.htm Now let's see if I got the damn guy rightly done :P Now painted with colored pencils over opaline cardboard (hint: the same paper used for comic drawing, as my teacher told me...), as an excuse to use some brand new pencils I got :P from http://www.coloresnorma.com . They are so soft and act like prismacolor!! but they are cheaper (and kiddier looking, but meh!!) (ack* sorry for advertising, I got entusiasthic)
  8. Hell_Baroness

    3D modelling software for free :D

    *slaps head* Incredible what a little joke came to be *giggles* I'd better stay shut up :I *goes back to the drawing table*
  9. Hell_Baroness

    3D modelling software for free :D

    } Hehehe...It's was actually a joke about the nude women comment ;) XD I'm decent!!! X) Ok so I just got Poser 4 but I don't have the least minimum idea of ohow to use separate colors in a model, let's say I got a raptor which I want to paint red with black stripes but I only can use one color at once!:S
  10. Hell_Baroness

    Happy St. Patrick's Day

    Then you are part compadre, amigo ;) *Holds tequila bottle*
  11. Hell_Baroness

    He wants your sooooul... ;)

    See what I mean by "I must not become an addict of it"? :P Anyways, here's the first version, without lens flare ;) http://www.queen-ghidorah.netfirms.com/predarkgoyle.htm
  12. Hell_Baroness

    Multilegged she-devil

    Unless they are succubi or incubi.....*shudders*
  13. Hell_Baroness

    Need help finding a song

    All that roams inside my spider-mastermind-ish brain is Teathre of tragedy ;P
  14. Hell_Baroness

    Happy St. Patrick's Day

    *baths on green radioactive waste from barrels o' fun to look irish* *starts eating clovers* *Plays tea party with her Doomie homemade plushies* *steals the pot o' gold from a leprechaun*
  15. Hell_Baroness

    Let there be fire!

    If your favorite drawing media is the pencil, I'd strongly recommend you to use white canson or Fabrian/Fabriano paper, you'll feel an enormous difference and it'll be easier to work when smudging/adding lights and shadows ;)