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  1. Just wanted to say that I am loving your mapset. Thank you!
  2. Gallic00

    Saturnine Chapel (MNENMA 0)

    Very impressive visuals. The fights were very, very hard but were also very fresh. Recommended but be prepared to die a lot!
  3. Gallic00

    Innocence: The New Technology

    Another good mapset. Maps were slightly larger than the previous innocences.
  4. Gallic00

    Innocence III

    Fun and short mapset. The layouts are good.
  5. Gallic00

    Doomworld Mega Project 2015

    Most maps are good and some are great. I really liked the map 19 of the limit removing set by tomatoKetchup.
  6. Gallic00

    Innocence II

    Nice little mapset with short maps and nice layouts. Cool enemies.
  7. Gallic00


    One of the best mapsets I played this year. Difficulty was challenging without frustrating. Music gave the perfect environmental ambiance for each map. My only quibble was the last stretch of the last map where I had no more ammo.
  8. Gallic00


    Short and enjoyable mapset. Some pretty heavy gunfights.
  9. Gallic00


    Very good megawad with a scythe-like progression. The levels are very nice and I liked how the bosses added a surprise at the end of every level. The maps get harder at the end, with little ammo and health, and more custom monsters. Some annoying doorway cyberdemon fights at the later levels. I didnt like the music very much. Overall I think this is a great wad, highly recommended.
  10. Gallic00


    Was much, much better than the 2013 edition. Everything was quite playable. Less interesting maps were shorter so there was less harm done. Map 22 was a very impressive adventure.
  11. Gallic00

    Scythe 2. Version 2

    Very nice maps with lots of fun fights. New monsters are brutal and add a nice touch. The levels are also quite larger than the original scythe.
  12. Gallic00


    Very good mapset! There was epic battles and the atmosphere was a bit like eternal doom. Difficulty and ammo/hp was nicely tuned. Very nice work.
  13. Gallic00

    Doomworld Mega Project 2013

    Quality is much lower than the 2012 edition. There are lots of jokewads or poorly balanced levels (missing ammo or health). A couple of maps were interesting as mentioned by a previous reviewer.
  14. Gallic00

    Speed of Doom

    Very high quality mapset. Some maps are hard in the end but are still enjoyable.
  15. Gallic00


    Very impressive adventure maps. I like how the levels unfolds like a geometric strip-tease.