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    Warming Up
    Very impressive adventure maps. I like how the levels unfolds like a geometric strip-tease.
    Tried this out after reading 40oz's review. I was not disapointed. Very nice map.
    Better than I expected. Some maps are more interesting than others. Generally the maps are short and is a quick play for 40 levels.
    Impressive art. Gameplay is casual but fun.
    Was very enjoyable. The maps were varied in style and gameplay so I was never bored.
    Not great but the combat is fast and straitforward.
    Lots of work in this one. Levels are huge and very well detailed.
    I had fun with the couple last levels, where the fights were more balanced and less boring. The first half is a bit tedious. I remember playing it and having a blast when it came out tho so I guess we are accustomed to better quality nowadays..
    Maps are fun and quick. Nice progression in difficulty.
    This one is VERY hard. I think it's harder than the first one (20x6). The fights felt a bit more frustrating than 20x6 with lots of arch-viles and cramped fighting. I tried lower difficulties but I still had lots of trouble progressing. On the other hand, the maps are very pretty and very nicely detailed.
    Fun and relaxing. I liked how longer, adventure levels were seperated by shorter ones. It was refreshing.
    Felt more polished than the original. Maps were more enjoyable and prettier.
    Maps are very detailed and varied. Was fun.
    Small, arena-like levels. Feels a bit like a confinement project.
    Very nice and fun exploration map.