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  1. - Hitscanners/Revenants in very open areas. Bonus points if they're in enough range to hit/fire at you, but your autoaim can't lock onto them - No platforms to defend yourself from Archviles, having to count on their painchance - Monsters that just pop out from instant raising floors/instant lowering ceilings. Just too lazy - Overuse of teleport ambushes. I'm looking at you, mouldy - BFG and BFG only spamming slaughterfest
  2. AsianMammoth

    Doom 2 screenshots currupt

    That screenshot actually looks real cool
  3. AsianMammoth

    Do you actually finish Megawads?

    I don't get what's the difference between a, say, vanilla 15-map wad and another vanilla 32-map wad. They're both Doom. Once you finish one wad, you'll go play another wad, right? When you finish a 16-map and then play a different 16-map wad afterwards, you've basically just completed a 32-map megawad, they might play differently, but the Doom community has other millions of wads to offer, many that play the same and many different and unique ones. The cicle repeats. If you've just played three 32-map megawads, you can say it was one 96-map wad. All wads are just one big ass ongoing episodic megawad
  4. AsianMammoth

    Do you actually finish Megawads?

    Megawads are just several 1-map wads put together in one file.
  5. AsianMammoth

    DESTROY the unworthy (vanilla wad)

    Cool map, but... damaging water?
  6. AsianMammoth

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

  7. AsianMammoth

    Is there a mod that lets you use bad guys as skins?

    IMPatience lets you play as an Imp in a mission to kill Doomguy before he escapes the level. It's the only one of the kind I know
  8. AsianMammoth

    Best/Worst maps in TNT

    Worst maps? All of them
  9. I try to provide a challenging experience to players of all skills in my wads.
  10. It should be. But the truth is that UV is made to be the definitive way to play; it's how most people make UV in their wads. It's not a very different experience to play a wad on HMP and after beating it for the first time, playing it on UV. I don't think most mappers expect you to replay the wad after you beat it once.
  11. AsianMammoth

    Best/Worst maps in The Plutonia Experiment

    Twilight gets pretty easy once you know where the secrets are located. I still think it's a bad map. I always loved Genesis and Odyssey of Noises. I always hated Aztec, Caged, Baron's Lair, Impossible Mission, Temple of Darkness. I like all others tho
  12. AsianMammoth

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Reminds me of Deus Vult
  13. AsianMammoth

    What song does describe you?

    Three moods
  14. I do think they're bad at the game for giving up so easily but not like I'd say anything to try to stop them from playing how they want. Not that I really care.
  15. I always play on UV, even if it‘s the hardest wad ever, I'm too proud to play on a lower difficulty. I see the point of playing as "Kill as many demons as possible" and why would I be asking for less demons when I just wanna kill a bunch of them? And I mean, everything‘s possible so I‘ll certainly overcome the challenge if I try enough. When I get tired of dying I play other wads. I'd rather train, improve my skills, so one day I will try again and beat that enemy while I'm confident of myself. I know I take it too seriously. If you think about it, that's life.