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  1. I was going to say either Baron or Archvile but I pick Caco
  2. Death Note. Never finished it, tho.
  3. Damn, what wad is that?
  4. I'll just set this straight for me: I use boom, and the only reason for that is for compatibility with other ports, but it serms the majority's just using GZDoom now, so, why limit myself (rather, ourselves) to Boom? I map because I like it but my number one priority is the player's enjoyment. That's why I'm considering leaving Boom and using UDMF.
  5. I'm just another one in the very small crowd of people that care about the old-school way of playing Doom, as it seems like everyone else wants to make Doom 'something it isn't' (not that it's a bad thing, I guess). That's just my view.
  6. Well, the reason I like Doom is because of its simplicity. For me, UDMF is throwing all that simplicity in the trash bin and trying to make Doom just like any other modern FPS game, but with bad graphics... Like, it even allows the creation of cutscenes.
  7. I make my wads in Boom-format, but I'm considering leaving it and start using UDMF.
  8. Just this one simple question. Is it because they enjoy the "old-school" way to play Doom? Because they can't adapt do it? Why? It is far more superior than any other format and you can do amazing stuff with it.
  9. Cyriak. You know, the cows, cows & cows guy. He's even made some REALLY amazing wads for Doom 2, such as "The Eye" and the megawad "Going Down" (one of my all time favorites).
  10. A true hero.
  11. GZDoom for most wads, PrBoom+ if I... Feel like it.
  12. All the ones from "Going Down", they are all just awesome.
  13. Reallty? It's the map I most hate. Must be because I HATE mazes.
  14. How do I know that I don't like that one specific wad if I don't play it? Even if I don't like most of the maps so far, I'll keep playing it, hoping there's something that'll make it stand out from the rest... or something. But really, most slaughtermaps are just the same thing, over and over again.