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  1. For UV I throw 2 Archviles, for HMP I throw one, and for HNTR there's a Pinky. Rule of thumb. But really, what I always do is first design the map for UV, and along the way I disable some monsters for the lower difficulties, especially the ones that could cause the most trouble. UV, anything goes as long as it's not obnoxious and cheap. But no truly challenging map should be able to be beaten in one-go unless out of luck. Those are rules for me. It can be as ball-breakingly difficult as I want, as long as it isn't composed of traps or set-ups that come out as cheap and have no real thought behind them. It should always have more monsters than HMP, but those monsters should change the fight dramatically. This also allows for better replayability for players who first played the wad through a lower difficulty and are now trying it on UV.
  2. I think it's very hard to convey whether a pit is inescapable or not. Putting a dead doomguy in it would actually make me want to explore it more, because it'd pretty much be saying "don't come here", since that's how a lot of secrets are done: only the brave will find them. There's no universal way, anyways. Not all mappers think the same. Edit: I only cheat when I'm not enjoying the level at all. I don't feel bad about it then.
  3. Juza

    When to Pistol Start?

    All day, every day, all the time and always.
  4. Juza

    Most overdone/played-out Doom arguments?

    ............He ain't wrong, specially with the original levels. The more demons, the better. The levels feel empty in enemies on lower difficulties, and it's not like they're hard anyways. More like your opinions on the topic.
  5. Juza

    Most overdone/played-out Doom arguments?

    Arguments about the original levels for sure. Since most people in this community played the original levels, I think it's only natural that it's the easiest and most common point of discussion.
  6. Juza

    Doom and the Golden Age of FPS

    (Oops, prematurely sent the post when I clicked enter to make a new line, lol) Obviously, those features were implemented those changes to incentive a certain style of gameplay. I just find that they weren't good features at all. Regenerating health mostly incentives you to run for cover and stand still for a while without doing anything. I just find that the 2 weapon limit often gets me debating about what I should get, and it just limits the fun and/or frustrates me if anything. And, Halo is overall just not that good of a game... Lacking in color, variety, flat levels, a lot of the later levels just being heavily copied and pasted, the slow combat... Multiplayer is really fun, though.
  7. Juza

    Doom and the Golden Age of FPS

    Just as I said, not their fault that others decided to follow in their steps. I don't find Halo to be that good of a game in the first place.
  8. Wouldn't say that's a controversial opinion.
  9. Juza

    Monster pop-in on Illuminatus

    It's a really cheap trick that is unfortunately quite popular... most of the time, it's born out of uncreativity and poor design knowledge. When I was really new to mapping, once I learned this trick, I used it what felt like every three rooms or so. It's a poor way of introducing, or preventing a combat situation to be triggered earlier than expected. Not to say there aren't good uses for it, but having it to make monsters simply appear out of thin air within the player's vision is not one of them.
  10. Juza

    Doom and the Golden Age of FPS

    While this troll is trying really hard to make intentionally bad points I do agree with the notion that a ton of shooting games released after Half-Life became extremely linear, and that went on for years. It might have re-defined them, but not for the better, imo. Not its fault, though. Halo also did a lot... regenerating health and 2-weapon limits for example. pukes
  11. Juza

    Any Peeves You Have With Custom Doom Wads?

    I dislike classic secrets that just require you to open a random wall to find. It's always about spamming space on every wall. Must be why I dislike secrets and never bother to search for them. Maps that just try to imitate success, follow strict rules and formula, and don't mind for originality in combat or level design. Damaging floors for no good reason, like when you're given access to several radiation suits, just to cross a nukage pool which should take you maybe 10 seconds to do so. I honestly don't care for inconsistency with damage in floors -- what's the bother for being so professional?
  12. Juza

    Modern gaming isn't fun

    Support indie devs instead. Most good shit this day is indie
  13. (Do note I'm playing on Crispy Doom) So right now I'm playing Eternal Doom MAP15, and I've noticed at least 4 instances where several of my pellets go straight through enemies, with just the shotgun. It's not something exclusive for that map or wad, it occurs in others too, although much more rarely. I'm not sure if it just happens that I've gotten a streak of bad luck in this map so far, or if it has something to do with it in specific, perhaps due to nodes; I remember back in my beginner mapper days where a map of mine had node issues, causing hitscan from both the player and the enemies to, at specific spots, hit an 'invisible' wall, in which actors could pass through just fine. Reducing the map's layout size (a lot of it was just empty ocean filler) fixed it. But, why does it happen exactly? Is there any doomwiki article on this specific issue? Couldn't find any. video example https://streamable.com/zh8ukh
  14. An universal way to do it is to have the player killed at the same time as an Icon of Sin is killed. One way to do this is to teleport them inside barrels, with the IoS nearby.