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  1. Purely graphics, strong word usage and audio differences. The gameplay is the exact same.
  2. I haven't even clicked any buttons for posting yet. What's wrong with Doomworld? Edit: Well, that's fixed. Somehow prematurely uploaded without any of the post's contents. Enjoy.
  3. Vanilla Doom can only take skies that are 128px vertically. Horizontally is another story, as I've seen textures go as far as 1024, which is probably the limit. In case you want a sky that wide, you'll need to cut it up in 256px wide pieces, and piece them together in Slade. For this I'll just use TNT's episode 1 sky, consisting of 4 individual textures: DOEDAY, DONDAY, DOWDAY and DOSDAY, placed from left to right in that exact order, to replace Doom 2's first episode sky. In case you're using your own texture, also make sure it has consistent names, such as MYSKY1, MYSKY2, MYSKY3 and MYSKY4. First, you're gonna do it the same as adding any other texture. In case you don't know how to do that: 1 - Go on the top right of Slade to make sure the base resource is set to your desired wad (most likely DOOM2.wad). 2 - Create two new entries, P_START and P_END. 3 - Put your textures in-between those lumps. 4 - Select all of them, go to Graphics, and select Add to Patch Table. There will be a pop-up informing you that there's no texture definition and if you wish to create it now. Press Yes, and in Source, Import from Base Resource Archive. Now select all the textures again, right click, Graphics, and Add to Texture Table. Now there'll be two new lumps in your wad, PNAMES and TEXTURE1. Open TEXTURE1 and search for SKY1. Select it, and in "texture properties" at the bottom change the size to 1024x128. That's the required width to store four 256px wide textures. Now, to the right, you'll see the Patches window. Remove the RSKY1 patch, and add your textures one by one. Adjust them to their proper position. The first one will have its X by 0, the second 256, the third 512, and the fourth 768. By this point, all left is to save and check it in-game.
  4. Definitely agree with almost all the suggestions in the first page. I'd also like to mention STRAIN, a seriously underrated 90s partial conversion.
  5. Only situations I will do so is if the gameplay still revolves around sparse groups of Imps and lower, or if I need a long-range option and the chaingun isn't available
  6. Juza

    The best megawad ever made?

    Would've been my first pick as well.
  7. I tried using the suggestions in this but they're not detailed enough and I feel like they're missing a lot of steps. I'm just trying to put TNT's episode 2 sky in my wad with all its patches. How would I go about that?
  8. Juza

    Vanilla multi-patch skies

    Nevermind, I figured out how to do it. Will perhaps do a concise tutorial on the proper category. Edit:
  9. Juza

    What do you think about the Pinkies?

    The most useless and harmless enemy in the game, that is pretty much never used well, because he can't be: Too slow and his attack takes ages to register. Could honestly do without them. A common mistake amongst beginner mappers is that they'll fill rooms with them, thinking that it'll generate any challenge... no, they're just the definition of a moving wall, with even less potential for challenge than Barons.
  10. If you could just plasma or BFG everything the game would be way too easy, or always rely on dumping an absolute ton of monsters on the player to invoke challenge. SSG is really well-balanced for a lot of scenarios, especially ones that don't revolve around having several dozens of monsters surround you at once. The Rocket Launcher wouldn't easily replace the SSG either, because its splash damage can work against you in close-quarters combat. I think that the mindset that "this gun kills a large quantities of monsters better, therefore every other gun sucks" is just a flawed over-analysis.
  11. Alien Vendetta. BTSX is cool but it doesn't have much variation in themes. Doom 2 Reloaded too maybe, but it doesn't fix Doom 2's problem of subpar gameplay
  12. Juza

    why is plutonia's difficulty so overstated?

    I think it mostly comes from newcomers that attempt to play it, and since they can't beat it, claim it to be bad. I'm guilty of that.
  13. Juza

    Have WAD Expectations Changed?

    Naturally, yeah. The 90s was mainly people experimenting and getting used to the tools, the way I see it, but they were also really limited in pretty much all aspects. Gothic99 is proof that even in the 90s people knew how to make incredibly intricate levels with a lot of attention to detail (disregarding the fact that it may not play that well), just that it was far too much trouble and effort. We have it real easy with 3D view, visplane explorer, computers that can handle massive levels (back then, just running the original levels was tough, from what I heard), press a single button to automatically align all textures, grid alignment, being able to look at the level in the editor and tell what flats are used where and what brightness the sectors are set to, etc and etc., so logically, you'd expect something higher quality than what most people in the 90s bothered to do. Just the convenience of the tools we have today gives us potential beyond even the best of the 90s... Though, I'd say a lot of early 2000s wads still hold up really well by comparison.
  14. Juza

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    So, there's this wad that I remember playing about a year or two ago, I'm 99% sure it was Doom 1. The only two notable aspects of it that I remember: - There was some Doomcute. I remember one level that had a pool in it, and a little office. - There was another level with a lot of big hallways, and at one point there is big room with like, two or three "generators" and you fight one or two Cyberdemons in it. I'm quite sure this was just one wad, but it's possible that it's two different ones. Really appreciate any help.
  15. Juza

    Why is Doomguy super hyper fast?

    No idea. It's honestly totally unnecessary considering you're faster than every projectile in the game, and all the levels are composed of small rooms where the high movement speed is never put to maximum potential.
  16. Juza

    Easiest difficult is a thing?

    I only ever play on UV because I wanna see levels on their max potential. But I also don't cry if a level's too hard for me, I just bother retrying until I beat it, usually.
  17. Juza

    Underground Toxicity remake.

    You ought to at least provide screenshots, compatibility info and what sourceports you playtested this on.
  18. Agree with the statement on Misri Halek, it's amazing architecturally and all, but on gameplay it really isn't that much. I still love playing through it, though. It's more of an experience and adventure than anything, not many maps do that, which is why it's so unforgettable. I'd say it's in similar vein to why Half-Life is so widely loved and remembered today: absolutely not because of the gameplay, but it masterfully handles every other aspect.
  19. Juza

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Lol, I remember uploading this and another one to Tenor to use on Discord
  20. Juza

    Chocolate Doom

    Hey, a bud made a fork of Chocolate Doom that does nothing different but fix the redundant MAP08 sound bug. You just gotta replace the .exes in your Chocolate Doom directory. chocolate-doom-map08fix.zip
  21. Looks neat and friendly to use. I'll get it once it's out, so I'm just commenting here so I don't forget it
  22. Bumping the idea to draw the map on paper before working on it on the Builder. Helped me a ton.
  23. Juza

    Looking for Slower-Paced Maps

    Vile Flesh is a fun and easy one if you wanna take your time. https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Vile_Flesh
  24. Worst thing about scale is that it's really hard, or straight up impossible to fix, if you've already developed a lot of the level, so you gotta set it within the starting rooms. Build the basic architecture first and playtest. Placing down the player start helps a lot. Like Kappes suggested, using other wads as reference definitely helped me too.
  25. Juza

    Restricting the classic monster roster to 3

    Revenant, Mancubus and Archvile. Three most versatile enemies imo.