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  1. Dash|RD

    Doom on IRIX

    *cough* BULLSHIT *cough*
  2. Dash|RD

    Anders Johnsen

    Anders Johnsen cannot quit Doom. I will not let him.
  3. Dash|RD

    ~- Shameless self advertising -~

    Torn -> It'll be released before you have kids. :P So don't go get any girl pregnant on me before the release lest I have to go kick your ass. :P
  4. Dash|RD

    ~- Shameless self advertising -~

    On a side note... Dear one SargeBaldy: I request that you review 1337.wad immediately! Thank you, and good day. :P
  5. Dash|RD

    ~- Shameless self advertising -~

    LO_ot, heh... Wtf, why aren't you online anymore? :P I've actually MISSED talking to you.
  6. Just to let you pimps know, my E1 replacement should be out in a month or two. I'm keeping low-profile as far as a release date is concerned because I'm a lazy fuck and who knows, I might be too busy hunting down ice cream to finish it on time. Either way, it WILL be finished, and it won't be rushed. http://www.doom2.net/~fatal e1m1-e1m5 are completed, the rest is in the air as of yet, but being worked on.
  7. Dash|RD

    Are the new source ports getting TOO good?

    Are the NEW ports TOO GOOD? What the fuck. You're a god damn retarded asshat. Like, go back to your cave and suck your moms dick some more, it'll give you more protien then whining about a 6 year old game that is evolving.
  8. Dash|RD

    Doom's Apprentice

    Hi ho, dump the sheep into the snow!