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Everything posted by TootsyBowl

  1. TootsyBowl

    The future of Doom...

    Oi, you stole my thread. 😤 The community should be fine for at least a decade to come. We just need something less contreversial than Brutal Doom to bring in new people.
  2. TootsyBowl

    In the first time you played E1M1, where did you go first?

    Faffed around on the blue carpet to learn the controls.
  3. TootsyBowl

    Berserked punching randomness

    *paf* *paf* "FALCON PUN-" *imp goes flying* I still wish there wasn't RNG, period.
  4. I probably worded the title badly. Should've been "what's the story behind it".
  5. -Playing Fragport Map 17

    -Fights through the entire maze in pitch black darkness (good thing I have a flashlight)

    -Realizes you can turn the lights on after the maze has been mostly cleared

  6. TootsyBowl

    Best/worst map in Doom II

    Dude, Piper was just making a point about him liking Doom 1 maps better. What's with the attitude? You're like a psycho version of Linguica, but without the authority.
  7. TootsyBowl

    Opinion: Beautiful Doom is underrated and Brutal Doom is boring

    Instructions not clear, dick stuck in pain elemental.
  8. TootsyBowl

    Your dumb Doom habits

    Then you're walking around with 8 health and wish you hadn't wasted the 24 in the pack.
  9. TootsyBowl

    Opinion: Beautiful Doom is underrated and Brutal Doom is boring

    I think you got your mods mixed up, mate. Smooth Doom has the D64 weapons, Duke 3D explosions, and black gloves. Beautiful Doom doesn't have those.
  10. TootsyBowl

    Opinion: Beautiful Doom is underrated and Brutal Doom is boring

    Guncaster isn't my thing. The magic gunslinging dragon thing is cool, but IMO too much stuff to manage at once in the middle of combat. The gunplay also feels like the vanilla Doom weapons. I enjoy Trailblazer's simple shooting and unique weapons, as well as the scrap upgrade system.
  11. I'm finally a full-scale member!


    What, there's no party?

    1. SixCyn


      Congrats, I'm still a wee baby member.

    2. MTF Sergeant

      MTF Sergeant

      TBH, I am pretty close to being a Forum Regular.

    3. BigDickBzzrak


      *looks at y'all kids from above*

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  12. TootsyBowl

    Opinion: Beautiful Doom is underrated and Brutal Doom is boring

    The shotgun reload is much faster than in most games, but it's still horribly slow for a game as fast-paced as Doom. The plasma's reload is also much too slow, less so with the SSG, since it does receive a damage boost and can one-shot Revenants (if lucky) and Cacodemons. Only the assault rifle's reload is perfect IMO: slow enough to affect your tactical decisions, and yet fast enough to not interrupt the gameplay. Brutal Doom actually fits gameplay with reloading quite well. All the monsters sans Archvile are projectile, so you can keep dodging instead of running for cover. Yes, you can circlestrafe Spider Masterminds. Rockets can't headshot IIRC, about as effective as vanilla RL but it has to reload (6 rockets why). Plasma's only a little more effective than in vanilla, and it, surprise surprise, has to reload. Dual plasmas, though, beat even the BFG in terms of DPS. BD's BFG sucks shit though.
  13. TootsyBowl

    Doom Summarized

    Some people are too lazy to get both Zand and GzDoom.
  14. Playing Fragport, so close to reaching Map 31


    Except for the damn green secret

    I've searched the entire level for 15 minutes and haven't found it


    1. Varis Alpha

      Varis Alpha

      it's in the warehouse north of where you find the blue keycard. step on a small platform that sticks out from the ground to lower the wall to the green lock.

    2. TootsyBowl


      thank you small horse

  15. TootsyBowl

    Funny/Weird/Shocking/Awesome School Stories

    Ah, I remembered a couple of things. -I had a grudge on this one kid in 3rd grade, and this girl and I fantasized about marrying each other and spending our life making movies insulting said kid. -Crazy guy in 10th grade would often hug the math teacher and talk about "gay-marrying" him. The math teacher never changed his expression or raised his voice. Then again he hardly ever does so. -My 6th grade computer teacher was an old, fat, Australian gun nut. He was quite strange, but never malicious and we all loved him. Shame he left after 2 years. -I told a student teacher to go fuck herself in 8th grade. -New guy got hit by a car a week after coming to school. Even after that he had a penchant for getting injured. Last summer he got bleach in his eye. He never clarified how it happened. Edit: The computer teacher used to be a katana and firearms coach.
  16. TootsyBowl

    Doom Summarized

    Unless they're Archviles.
  17. TootsyBowl

    Doom Summarized

    Doom 1: Marine kicks demon ass in space and hell Doom 2: Marine kicks demon ass on Earth and in Hell GzDoom: The definitive way to play Doom on modern PCs Brutal Doom: Fun gorefest Project Brutality: Bloated, probably overcomplex gorefest Smooth Doom: Doom with a file applied to it Beautiful Doom: Brutal Doom's older, calmer brother
  18. TootsyBowl

    How common are teleport traps in newer WAD's??

    Or maybe because teleport traps are kind of a pain to set up, especially with multiple destinations.
  19. TootsyBowl

    Funny/Weird/Shocking/Awesome School Stories

    You guys are lucky. I go to a Christian, morally upright school, so nothing weird happens aside from random funny moments that you forget once the day's out. Mostly accidents or dumb puns/jokes. At a previous school, however, there was a guy tossing glass bottles down onto the street outside the school from the apartment blocks opposite said school. Some IT guy almost got hit.
  20. TootsyBowl

    Best/worst map in Doom II

    I guess you could say that it's the pits.
  21. TootsyBowl

    Let's settle this: what is a 'teleport trap'?

    Going with A. A "trap" implies trapping the player into an area with a threat. Surrounding him/her with monsters doesn't always fit the bill.
  22. TootsyBowl

    Best/worst map in Doom II

    It's funny how divisive The Chasm is. Some people seem to love it, most seem to hate it.
  23. Doomworld history is best history.


    Dear god this is hilarious. I haven't laughed this hard all week.

    1. Endless


      ''Something eggs on pictures.''


      So deep, thats poetry. 

    2. Gothic


      And even to this day, this forum just keeps BALLing about black disks.

    3. Chickensoup101


      KNEE DEEP ON EGGS!!! ( O w O)/

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  24. TootsyBowl

    What do you hate the most about mapping?

    That's funnily one of the things I like most. Such a simple thing, and it makes maps so much more interesting.
  25. TootsyBowl

    What do you hate the most about mapping?

    -Thing placement, excluding lighting objects -Trying to make areas that I don't have a clear idea of, like a cave. I have to make up areas as I go, very tedious. -Setting up teleporter traps. Also tedious.