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  1. TootsyBowl

    Eating Demons (demon BBQ)

    Pinkies, I imagine, would taste like wild boar. It has a mild aura of evil that would slowly corrupt human cells, but fortunately a few splashes of health potion usually fixes that. Other edible demons include Imps (very tough, slightly spicy meat), Arachnotrons (have you eaten brain? Then you've tasted Arachnotron), and Mancubi (very fatty, slight salty aftertaste). A Cacodemon's bright coloration is due to strong poisons in it's body, so don't try to eat it.
  2. TootsyBowl

    How do Doomworldeers deal with general stress?

    Someone try biking in a park admiring nature while fapping and eating dark chocolate and drinking tea.
  3. >opens ZDL with Fragport and Brutal Doom ready to go


    "I'll watch some Jim Sterling first."

    "I'll browse some Reddit first."

    "I'll chat on Discord first."

    "I'll do my math homework first."

    "I'll listen to some AC/DC first."

    "Oh look, Doom smut art."


    >end of day, packing up laptop for school tomorrow

    >sees ZDL still open


  4. tumblr_og0ur1xKtQ1uwi6g0o2_540.png

    1. 42PercentHealth


      LOL, thanks! But I don't REALLY need it until I drop below 25 percent health. ;-)


      Still 67 percent health isn't bad -- it's 2/3 of 100, rounded to the nearest integer.

  5. TootsyBowl

    Worst map in The Ultimate Doom

    If it was stuff like the SKINTEK textures, or a custom texture depicting fleshy computers, I could accept that. But no, it's literally a techbase room slapped into the end of House of Pain. It could make sense, but IMO the textures clash.
  6. TootsyBowl

    Post your wallpaper - 2017 Edition

    It stopped being funny a long time ago, but I'm too lazy to change it.
  7. TootsyBowl

    Map settings/themes you can't get enough of

    I don't have one! I'm partial to techbase and Ancient Egypt, but you gotta experiment sometimes. Playing the same theme over and over isn't fun!
  8. TootsyBowl

    The story behind your custom avatar

    More like a STARTAN launcher. The bane of players everywhere.
  9. TootsyBowl

    Best/worst map in Doom II

    Best (in order of my liking): 1. Map 10: Refueling Base The (almost) last map in Doom 2 that tries to do a theme and does it quite well. While it does not feel that much like a refueling base, it gives a very Doom 1-ish techbase feeling, which is good. The monsters are frequent without being overwhelming, and the level is jam-packed with secrets. My favorite part is the "barracks" part, with plenty of chaingun fodder. The only downside is a rather awkward Cyberdemon fight, but that's only at the end of an absolute romp of a level. 2. Map 28: The Spirit World The Hell map that showcases the Hell theme at it's best. Fire, brimstone, and walls of flesh, that's where it's at! Not too confusing (unlike a lot of Sandy's other maps), and throws a few unusual situations at you without being annoying. The foreboding music is just the cherry on the top of the torment cake. Shame that this wasn't the penultimate level: it would have fit perfectly. 3. Map 01: Entryway Surprised? I find this map to be an excellent mood-setter: the happy, upbeat D_RUNNIN putting you on your toes, putting you in just the right mood to kick ass, take names, and save Earth. It also introduces a host of new textures, giving the player some new eye candy. Special Mention: Map 07: Dead Simple Fun, fast-paced circlestrafing action, as well as the music setting the mood for encounters for two strange new hellbeasts. Shame they reused it again and again, like D_RUNNIN. Worst (in order of my dislike): 1. Map 24: The Chasm A gimmick map. 100% originality, 0% fun. A sense of theme was never Sandy's strong point, and he really killed it with this one. Techbase elements everywhere, lakes and waterfalls of nukage of all things, two COMPBLUE rooms that wouldn't look out of place in Doom 1's Episode 1. And all this shit is supposed to be in Hell? What? The gameplay isn't bad until it comes to the tightrope walking and platforming. It's not fun, it's just tedious! It's like Sandy just said "fuck it, I do what I want" and shat out a map in an afternoon. 2. Map 15: Industrial Zone This one sticks in my mind since it stumped me on my first playthrough of Doom 2. Why is the yellow key hidden in such an out-of-the-way spot? (I couldn't get the monster closet to trigger for some reason.) What is with the one jump that you have to go across at a specific speed? What's with all the platforming? It's not the worst IMO, but the hatred of it sticks in my mind because of that one fucking key. 3. Map 20: Gotcha! The cyberdemon vs spiderdemon infight battle is fun to watch. That's pretty much the map's only redeeming factor. The rest of the map devolves into leaping over the giant sea of blood and crawling through dark tunnels and caverns. It's just unimaginative and boring. And this is supposed to be the climatic lead up to the Hell Portal that's holding the planet hostage? The Hell Portal doesn't even try to impress. It's a giant hole. That's it. This map completely fails to be fun or climatic. Special Mention: Map 11: Circle of Death I hate this map's design. A giant O with nukage everywhere? Is this the best you could come up with, Romero? The gameplay is bland at best, and boring at worst. The only interesting part is the area where you are introduced to the Archvile.
  10. TootsyBowl

    So, how did you meet Doom?

    Brutal Doom. *booing* *rotten tomatoes thrown* Learnt about Brutal Doom, bought Doom 1 and 2 on Steam last year, never looked back. Before then I learnt of the Doom series from AVGN, and learnt of Brutal Doom after looking the series up.
  11. TootsyBowl

    Worst map in The Ultimate Doom

    Yes, it's great besides the fact that it's set in Hell. WTF is all this tech stuff doing here? I have the same peeve with Map 24.
  12. TootsyBowl

    Worst weapon in any game, ever

    Title. Criteria for "worst weapon" can include: 1. feels crappy to use 2. is way too weak 3. too gimmicky/impractical 4. you simply don't like it for some irrational reason
  13. TootsyBowl

    Opinion: Beautiful Doom is underrated and Brutal Doom is boring

    RDND is really toned down compared to even Smooth Doom. Most of the time monsters die in the usual way. Still if you want an enhancement to use with a slaughtermap, you can use RDND.
  14. Why do people use instapop monsters? It's the cheapest fucking way to ambush the player.


    Especially instapop Archviles. Fuck them.

    1. Pavera


      I agree...magic floors popping monsters in your face is boring and uninspired. It's a cheap way to set up boring and predictable encounters. 

    2. scifista42


      They're a very space-efficient way to bring monsters to places that are supposed to be (or seem) monster-less before the player reaches them.

    3. galileo31dos01


      It becomes cheap to me when it's repeated in random ways that not only surprise the player but leaves no time or space to avoid the unavoidable. The surprise factor is ok, reason why I think fastpop is more tolerable than instapop.

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  15. TootsyBowl

    How do Doomworldeers deal with general stress?

    Fap your stressors away.
  16. TootsyBowl

    Worst map in The Ultimate Doom

    u fucking wot m8 i'll bash yer fookin head in i swear on me mum Jokes aside, why do you find it shitty?
  17. TootsyBowl

    The story behind your custom avatar

    I was browsing r/leopardgeckos and I found a gecko with a "Monday face".
  18. TootsyBowl

    Opinion: Beautiful Doom is underrated and Brutal Doom is boring

    Anything mentioning Brutal Doom kicks up a shitstorm.
  19. TootsyBowl

    Opinion: Beautiful Doom is underrated and Brutal Doom is boring

    I should mention that Project Brutality is by another team and is not affiliated with Mark AFAIK. Beautiful Doom is good but I personally don't like the blood. It looks like red water. My go-to combo when I want some vanilla-like gameplay is Smooth Doom monsters+Ketchup+Beautiful Doom everything else. Brutal is really only fun when you play it like classic Doom instead of a modern military shooter. The latter is tempting, especially with the zombies doing more damage, but it's fun when you go balls-out, dodging leaping imps and circlestrafing Revenants with the minigun. Also you're the third guy I've seen with the shaking Revenant profile pic. That skeleton seems to get around.
  20. TootsyBowl

    Worst weapon in any game, ever

    It uses uranium ammo which is quite rare, and eats it faster than a mouse with munchies. It does so much damage that even Alien Grunts get wiped out in about a second, causing ammo wastage on most enemies. Pretty much its only ideal target are bosses. The Tau Cannon is better for the majority of situations, and is my go-to anti-Alien Grunt weapon.
  21. TootsyBowl

    Laughter Is The Best Medicine

    Who the hell is turned on by this?
  22. TootsyBowl

    Laughter Is The Best Medicine

    Sometimes visual humor is the best.
  23. TootsyBowl

    Which is the most clusterfucked level in Doom 2?

    Map 13, Map 16, Map 10. Or you could play Map 30 and tell everyone not to kill the Icon
  24. TootsyBowl

    Worst map in The Ultimate Doom

    *grunt* You reminded me to put monster blocking linedefs in front if the chambers in my edits.
  25. TootsyBowl

    Worst map in The Ultimate Doom

    E2M6 is actually fine imo. It's only problem is the monotexturing. E2M9 is fine. It's lame, but it's not unfun to play. E3M1 is a decent introduction to the Hell theme.