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  1. According to my parents, the whole world will use Chinese one day and it will probably overtake English.


    I suppose the government thought: "Let's start destroying English now."

  2. All varieties of zombiemen form a "squad" in small numbers, and an "army" in large ones."


    Imps form a "group" in small numbers and a "horde" in large ones.


    Pinkies and Spectres form a "pack" in small numbers and a "wall" in large ones.


    Most other demons simply form "groups" and "hordes", like imps.


    Airborne enemies form a "clump" in small numbers and a "cloud" in large ones.


    Besides, it's Mancubi, not Mancubodes.

  3. Alright, more thoughts. (Warning: Rant)


    One change I utterly detest is that the assault rifle and the minigun have a much higher fire rate. The assault rifle's change removes it's older role as a bullet conserving and easily controllable weapon, and makes it expend it's smallish magazine much faster, meaning you have to stop dishing out pain in order to reload much more. The minigun has it's already high fire rate seemingly doubled, making it expend ammunition stupidly quickly and changing it from a weapon that could be depended on for many situations, from mowing down large groups of zombies to eliminating multiple tougher targets, into a weapon that tears apart a Baron in two seconds flat and is completely overkill and a waste of ammunition for most situations it used to excel at. A whole extra bunch of effects, like gunfire smoke and spent belt segments being ejected, are also added to the weapon, making it bog down the framerate much more than it used to.


    I'm also not a fan of the pump shotgun having a higher rate of fire when in iron sights mode, instead of having a tighter spread. It kind of goes against the point of using iron sights, which is to shoot with greater precision. One might say it isn't realistic for the spread to tighten when in iron sights mode, but I prefer practicality over realism.


    And Mark brought the annoying zombie scream sounds back. Why? The v20b sounds worked perfectly and weren't grating on the ears.


    Like Pyrolex said, the new punch sprites look stupid. They look like Doomguy is raising his arms next to his face and then punching. I also don't like the new punch system, which is like PB's melee system, but shitty. The old left-click-weak-executing-punch-right-click-strong-gibbing-punch system was much more predictable, practical, and simpler to use. Currently, to execute a Pinky, you have to mash the buttons and hope it doesn't gib it, while earlier it was left punch+right punch=done.


    The Chainsaw goes back to being swung around like a madman. I liked the swinging better when it was an option, and you could just use the chainsaw like in vanilla.


    (end rant)


    Still, there are things I love: the vehicles, the new weapons (in particular the SMG and the Machine Gun), the new sprite work, the grab system, and the raise-after-firing thing being removed from the Plasma Rifle. 

  4. Well, it's cool.


    It has bugs up the ass, but that's to be expected from a beta.


    There are some weapon and artistic changes that I don't like, such as the new liquid fall textures.


    A lot of the stuff was a bit overhyped.  The water physics are just a better-looking development of the existing liquid ripples in v20b, and the tanks were much clunkier than I expected.


    Still, these are just my first impressions after a long day of school. The weekend's coming up soon, though. I'll have more thoughts about it then.

  5. 1. Users that are older and more mature on average.

    2. A lovely calming deep blue as the site background.

    3. Doom is a simple game, so there isn't too much to get angry about.

    4. People are generally happy to help others and are decently emphatic. (Any status update involving some kind of tragedy is invariably met with kind comments.)

    5. Generally less stuff about politics and religion.


    I'm not going to comment on site politics since the only experience I have with that are a warning courtesy of Fraggle and a few posts fron Ling.

  6. 2 hours ago, VirtualOwl13 said:

    I have posted this before in another thread, but here goes...

    One time in 5th grade, a good friend of mine, who we will call Stan, had come onto the bus looking particularly upset. I had asked him what was wrong, only for him to show me a sickening scar that legitimately looked like somebody had carved a candy cane into his leg, stating his father had abused him for not bringing his homework home. I had no clue what to say, and tried to help him feel better by getting his mind off it. Later that day, in what I believed to be Language Arts class, the teacher had pulled me aside, asking if Stan had told me anything crazy sounding, and I had told her what I had heard that morning. After that, everything started happening at lunch, the people in the office calling the police, there were police cars and ambulances outside the school, and everyone was in something of a panic. That afternoon, on the bus ride home, we saw police cars and FBI vans parked outside of Stan's house. Turns out his stepfather had been whipping him with some form of metal wiring, and was already in some hot water for drug trafficking.

    What happened to Stan after that?