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  1. Why in the world did they decide to officially name Doom 2016 just plain Doom? Now when I'm looking for stuff concerning the classic games I keep getting stuff about the reboot. 

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    2. Battle_Korbi


      Even after 6 hours I still don't understand.


      Did the devs thought "Omfg we fucked up Doom lets name our new game Doom so we can cover up our 25-year old mistake and re-brand Doom and bury old Doom" or something? Is classic Doom that bad of a thing? Or did the guys want to ride off the glory of naming their newest product with a already used name?


      Nope, still not getting it.

    3. leodoom85



      If the game had another name instead, it would be praised nonetheless but it wouldn't had the same impact as having the Doom name in it's title. Don't you think so?

    4. Nevander


      Anything would have been better than just plain DOOM. Like Tootsy said, every time I look up something for "Doom" I get crap from the reboot. *Old man voice* Dammit! Back in my day, when I googled Doom it gave me classic Doom results!