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  1. Your latest map was much better than the moonbase one that's for sure. I couldn't bear the contest because of how big the map was but anyway yeah I just wanted to say that.

  2. You have 0 respect for the players of this forum. you expect us to debug your maps, find all your crappy bugs because you're quite frankly a terrible mapper, and you make excuses as to why you wont play the maps yourself. do you know why this is? BECAUSE YOU HAVE NOT PLAYED IT. you cannot be sure its possible to 100% because you yourself haven't. you're a joke, pan. I'm frankly glad your joke of a project is gone.

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    2. dew


      Always count on @bzzrak to defend of the poor marginalized neo-nazis. After all, he threw some spare change on a bunch of thirld-worlders in a ploy to disseminate white nationalist propaganda. I don't see YOU doing anything so noble!!! It's just a joke, like in his beloved Terry Wads!!!

    3. Phade102


      You do konw Spiritmaze that everyone knows you're pan on an alt? You do know that'll just get you a permaban right?


      and you're right, Dew. I dont really listen to anyone someone of Bzzraks reputation says.

    4. BigDickBzzrak


      Because obviously me being an asshole means that nobody else can be an asshole

      Oh wow a dude dropped an accidentally buggy map, let's gather the hivemind and call him out collectively!!!

  3. Wow. I was born in 1988. HH stands for Ham and Hommus (which happens to be my favourite sandwich filler).
  4. Then the whole competition would be spoiled. Half the fun is not knowing what lies ahead.
  5. All the bugs have been fixed now. This is how the bugs happened; I designed the map first, tested the gameplay, 100% beat it and then went through the entire map texturing and detailing it. 2 bugs happened during that process and they have been fixed now. The bugs were an imp moved inside a wall, and a previously passable wall becoming impassable. Memfis is saying Nilum is beatable now so this validates the competition. Memfis said my previous map Blighted Moonbase 4 was unbeatable and then Ancalagon beat it within a week. Ancalagon didn’t just ‘beat’ Blighted Moonbase 4. He destroyed it. It was humiliating for me. if you want to see previous playthroughs then check the blighted moonbase competition thread. At least 3 videos were posted with Ancalagon, Memfis and Player177 100% beating the map and getting paid for it.
  6. You must've missed my previous competition where I paid Ancalagon, Memfis and Player177 . I've paid out people 3 times in the past and everybody had fun. I can understand that people find this map very scary and very hard, but pretending that I don't pay my prizes so that you don't have to participate in the challenge comes across as a bit yellow.
  7. Try replying to the Nilum thread and I think you'll find it's forbidden because daddy said you're not allowed to play Nilum
  8. Hopefully the AI doesn't ban this post. The NILUM challenge was to continue on Reddit...but; It was banned by the AI. So it now continues on Facebook; Kill the AI! Happy hunting :)
  9. Pan

    BLARRGH.WAD Challenge - 100% my map for $10

    Can I claim 'first banned map' on Doomworld?
  10. As a token of goodwill to the community for the bugs on initial release, I am going to offer a tiered prize system. 1st prize (1st person to post 100% playthrough)- $150 AUD 2nd prize (2nd person to post 100% playthrough) - $100 AUD 3rd prize (3rd person to post 100% playthrough) - $50 AUD All other rules remain the same (see first post for rules) I'm serious about this and I want some serious challengers. The map is now beatable as confirmed by Memfis, so there shouldn't be anymore complaints . Nilum is only for the bravest; http://www.mediafire.com/file/egdsy7t3hc19ux9/Nilum.wad/file
  11. Thanks mate :) the deeper you get into the map, the better it gets. Hopefully you'll have another try soon.
  12. I've replaced the link 4 times now, and Memfis has confirmed that the map is now beatable with 100% kills and items. I realise that Nilum is a large, intimidating map.... and that's why there's 100 dollars prize for your efforts.
  13. So....I went to sleep before the final link finished uploading to mediafire. Here it is for anyone who missed it; http://www.mediafire.com/file/egdsy7t3hc19ux9/Nilum.wad/file Anyway, seems my map has upset people so I won't promote this thread anymore until people get more positive about it. I think the map is great, but obviously I'm a little biased here.... Take care, doom world :)
  14. We have confirmation from a highly trusted and respected member of the community! LET THE GAMES BEGIN!