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  1. You have 0 respect for the players of this forum. you expect us to debug your maps, find all your crappy bugs because you're quite frankly a terrible mapper, and you make excuses as to why you wont play the maps yourself. do you know why this is? BECAUSE YOU HAVE NOT PLAYED IT. you cannot be sure its possible to 100% because you yourself haven't. you're a joke, pan. I'm frankly glad your joke of a project is gone.

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    2. dew


      Always count on @bzzrak to defend of the poor marginalized neo-nazis. After all, he threw some spare change on a bunch of thirld-worlders in a ploy to disseminate white nationalist propaganda. I don't see YOU doing anything so noble!!! It's just a joke, like in his beloved Terry Wads!!!

    3. Phade102


      You do konw Spiritmaze that everyone knows you're pan on an alt? You do know that'll just get you a permaban right?


      and you're right, Dew. I dont really listen to anyone someone of Bzzraks reputation says.

    4. bzzrak


      Because obviously me being an asshole means that nobody else can be an asshole

      Oh wow a dude dropped an accidentally buggy map, let's gather the hivemind and call him out collectively!!!