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  1. KOF_Guy

    Random Image Thread

    A funny encounter in Diablo The Hell 2 Mod.
  2. KOF_Guy

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    An alien scientist
  3. KOF_Guy

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Kakarotto true form is coming.
  4. I think a musou(dynasty warriors-like) in the doom multiverse could be pretty fun, Bethesda(ZeniMax) and Koei Tecmo do you hear me ?
  5. KOF_Guy

    [v1.5] Doom 64: Retribution

    I load Doom 64 Retribution v1.5 with LZDoom v3.82 for x64 in software and hardware mode and it to works fine for my part, it weird.
  6. KOF_Guy

    Favorite doom gameplay mod

    I don't see any topics about this theme in doomworld, so I decide to create one. Let's go so what is your favorite doom gameplay mod? Personally, when I think gameplay mod, the first one that comes to my mind is always doom delta, so I can say without a doubt it's my favorite gameplay mod for doom.
  7. KOF_Guy

    DOOM 4 VANILLA v3.2

    I noticed that TNT: Evilution and The Plutonia Experiment have both the map07 bug, also TNT haved unmodified skyboxes.
  8. KOF_Guy

    DOOM 4 VANILLA v3.2

    A Oblige 7.7.0(ObAddon) egypt theme map with Doom 4 Vannilla
  9. KOF_Guy

    DOOM 4 VANILLA v3.2

    It look more interesting than Doom Eternal which I totally don't care, Classic Doom rules !
  10. KOF_Guy

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    2002 A Doom Odyssey - 10th Anniversary Edition "e1m2" in Eternity engine. Seriously this hud is awesome, I can't wait to see it in a stable build.
  11. KOF_Guy

    Memorable video game songs

    Clearly this track !
  12. KOF_Guy

    Post Your (Other) Video Game Screenshots Here

    Wizardry I-II-III: Story of Llylgamyn (SNES) with this rebalancing mod