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Status Updates posted by RedDash16

  1. First doom map I've tried to make in 7 months or so


    Needs: GZDoom/Zandronum
    DOOM 2


    It might be rough and a bit rubbish but it's my first time mapping in an age.

    1. RedDash16


      It's only a really short opener map.

    2. Marlamir


      I really like the potential in this map. I would personally change the startan texture in some places because in today era startan make unfinished feeling to map. Try to play with detailing thats all i can say. Nice work after the pause

  2. I've just uploaded all the WADS I've made in the past including an unrelased one which was like 80% done (The Boom One)


    They're all here: http://dash16.red/doom/


  3. Hello, Doomworld it has been a very long time indeed. I'm back and alive thankfully.

    Great to see this site as active as ever.

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    2. RedDash16


      Hey :), Thanks.

      The Notification sound just gave me a heart attack nearly.

    3. Marlamir


      Welcome back synndra

    4. Myst.Haruko


      Nice to know, that you're still alive ;)

  4. Hey Guys, still alive. Warframe addiction distracting me from mapping.

    I'm very close to finishing my next WAD

    This one is in Boom Format.

    1. Khorus


      Hope you'll be back someday, you certainly showed promise!

  5. Heyo everyone, haven't been on here for a bit, been coding video games and settling to new employment :D.


    Working on maps still 


    Also, thanks a butt ton to "Kills Alone" for playing my wad in this video, I appreciate it so much.



  6. Been busy with a lot of stuff, less time to map.. so painful.  anywhom here is a screenshot. I'm working on MAP05 of my boom mapset. Honestly this has been tons of fun.




  7. More screenshots of my maps :D


    IMGUR ALBUM: https://imgur.com/a/0fVdy

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    2. RedDash16


      @Glaice I got into making vanilla doom maps. started with one and decided to make a few :)

    3. RedDash16


      @Marlamir I'm very persistent... xD

    4. Marlamir
  8. Another map screeny :)



  9. So I've been making maps in boom format and have tons of fun. creating a very episode 1 inspired set of maps. I might make more boom format maps in the future this is fun.


    MAP01: Crux



    MAP02: Out of the closet



    MAP03: Green and Mean



    If anyone would like a test copy of the maps lemme know. :0

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    2. Myst.Haruko


      Yes, you got it right ;) Now do that with other places and you'll be good, besides texture alignments ;)

    3. RedDash16


      Yeah, it's not a finished wad :) I tend to polish up my textures near the end xD

    4. Myst.Haruko


      I do this while I'm mapping, so when it comes testing phase, I'll be less annoyed by texture misalignments and focus on more important tasks like gameplay adjustments. 

  10. I need some peeps to test 3 of my new maps :)

    Here is the PK3: http://synndra.net/wad/Syns/Syns.pk3

    Runs on: ZDoom, GZDoom, QZDoom and Zandronum

    Format: UDMF



    Thanks a ton if you play them :D

  11. Footage of the first level of my new wad.



  12. Hey everyone :o

    Made a new swanky page to download my wads at.

    I'm working on a 3rd mapset but I'm taking my time and trying to improve my monster placement and general map making.




    Thanks to everyone who has given me tips and helpful criticism by the way you've all been very inspirational. my aspiration to become a better DooM content maker has grown!

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    2. bzzrak


      Pff, sissy. Real men make their sites in bare HTML, the way our grandfathers did it in '96 on their geocities page.

    3. RedDash16
    4. RedDash16


      Real men make all their sites in Microsoft Frontpage 95 m8.

  13. Random pic of work on a map


    1. RedDash16
    2. Myst.Haruko


      I would replace that lava flat texture into proper lavafall from cc4-tex or recoloured doom texture pack.

    3. RedDash16
  14. Sorry for the silence, been playing lots of Destiny 2 and been busy with work.

    I'm still working on my next doom wad, I've just had to make a lot of drastic changes to my maps.

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    2. Voltcom9


      I'm a PS4 user but might see you in game. Not sure if there is cross compatibiliy between gaming consoles though.

    3. RedDash16


      Sadly, no cross play, Sony won't allow it. :z although they're in talks with Microsoft right now.

    4. Voltcom9
  15. Anyone got any good monster placement tips?

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    2. NoisyVelvet


      I usually work on, or at least pre-plan, any setpiece/gimmick encounters first.  Then, coat the map with broad strokes of filler.  Then, I try to go over it and see if there are any places that benefit from more detailed monster use, like sometimes even arbitrarily saying "this area will have like a dense wall of zombiemen cuz I feel like it"; eventually the monster composition in the map will crisp up and have more contrast each time you go over it.  Bob Ross it up.


      Filler: I like having sneaky shotgunners behind pillars and in nooks and crannies.  then fill in some imps in the center of rooms or on ledges to bait the player.  If there is an ssg in the map, revenants are good to throw in close/medium quarters; feel free to group multiples together at a time even.


      Other random notes: pinkies can be mixed into fights as obstacle monsters that would otherwise be just a trivial circlestrafe, but can otherwise be just an unnecessary ammo tax if they are just incidentially sprinkled in (spectres in the dark, tho, can fuck people up gud).  Mancubus and arachnotrons seem to be good turrets in large areas or long hallways; arachnotrons can also be good off their post as prowling monsters in a larger sandbox, like in a city map


      Also, halfway through the map make sure you teleport in like 17 archviles that the person has to fight when they backtrack.  This is the most important point in mapping trust me.

    3. TootsyBowl


      Chaingunners everywhere.

    4. RedDash16


      Thank you all very much, I've been trying to work on my maps game-play lately. this is all so very useful^^

  16. More mapping progress on the 4th map of my new WAD. Nearly burnt out on mapping for a bit so gonna do another play through of other wads to get some inspiration.


    1. YukiRaven


      Yeah, if you keep pushing, you'll get burnt out.  I try to take a few breaks per week, where I either play other games, map for another game (Quake), or do something entirely non-game related.

    2. rdwpa


      Also a really good idea to put in the hours studying good maps too.

  17. My next mapset is six maps I've already done 4 they seem to be a big improvement from what I've been told by some play testers.

  18. I made a first impressions of Russian Overkill on my youtube channel



    1. YukiRaven


      lol the Excalibat... I like how that one looks.

  19. Christ it's nearly 3am, time to stop being productive.

  20. Your avatar is a thing of sheer beauty.

    1. PaquoCastor


      Thank you kindly. It was a project for my digital arts course where I had to digitize a sketch. I still have the original horse scan and GIMP file, but I lost the physical copy.

  21. My first 3 maps of my new wad/pk3






  22. If anyone would like to test my latest mapset/mod here is a link to an unfinished version:



    Format: UDMF

    SourcePorts: Zandronum, ZDoom, QZDoom and GZDoom.


    Freelook: Yes

    Jumping: No

    Crouching: No

  23. Screenshots of my newest MAP :)



    GJeqHsI - Imgur.png

    gKUsxSI - Imgur.png

    1. Phade102


      The map layout itself looks really interesting. a few points of interest you might want to look at.


      Screenshot 1: The knight statues dont really look that nice.(In my opinion) and the lighting on the ceiling looks a bit odd. this can be fixed by raising the ceiling sectors up a bit higher (But leave the sectors around it without a texture!) This will cause the ceiling texture thats there to use the same light level as the textures around it.


      Screenshot 2: You have an outdoor area here. very nice. Note the lava fall texture in the central pillar. with it being flush against the wall, it looks a bit sloppy. Try indending it a bit to make it look like its actually falling.


      Also, with the sky texture being there, I would suggest for realism to not make the sectors next to it so dark. The lighting from the sky would realistically provide a bit more light than its currently meant to be providing.


      Please note though, these are just my opinions. Ultimately, this map is something YOU are wanting to design. it doesnt matter what other people think as long as you enjoy designing it and are happy with the final product. I'm getting a very egyptian feel from this map, which is impressive considering it looks like you're only using the vanillia textures.

    2. RedDash16


      Yeah the lighting in the main room needs some work.


      I think indenting the lava will be a good idea thank you and I agree about the sky lighting.


      I might post more screenshots later.


      Thank you very much for the help and feedback ^-^

    3. RedDash16


      is there a quick way to indent a wall?

  24. Screenshot thing #1



    1. MTF Sergeant

      MTF Sergeant


    2. MTF Sergeant

      MTF Sergeant


    3. RedDash16


      Lul, what? I am noob.

  25. I keep getting these damn holes in my MAP, they don't even show up every time..


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    2. RedDash16
    3. RedDash16


      Also that Skybox is absolutely amazing. what's it from?

    4. YukiRaven


      It's just a recolored sky from, I think, Bunch O Skies.