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  1. I might suggest,


    Baron Army vs 1 Spiderdemon(for a literal Game of Thrones)

    Mancubi army vs Cyberdemon(FLAME RUSH)

    Spiderdemon vs A HUUUGE army of chain-gunners( let's see who rocks)

    Cacodemon army vs Shotgunner army



    And Finally....

    100,000 Revenants fighting to the death!!!

    1. MTF Sergeant

      MTF Sergeant

      Whoops. wrong message. Should've posted on the status update. sorry.

    2. RedDash16


      Heh, no worries :)

    3. Ichor


      Any decent number of enemies in an area, with about a dozen pain elementals very far away.


      Chasm-like ledges and revenants.


      2 spider masterminds on either side of a hall with staggered windows (so one won't be able to hit the other, but you would still always be in the line of fire of one of them), combined with an enemy blocking the exit and prolonging the agony.