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  1. Okay, more progress .


    1. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      I'm gonna be echoing what Bzzrak said when you posted your previous screenie of this. There's a concerning amount of corridors leading basically everyhwere, and by the looks of it there's also some pinkies in there, which will be ammo sinks, and nothing else. If you add to that that you facilitate the "getting around" with teleporters, you have a map which will make it difficult for people to actually "understand", especially since every actual room is so far away from another one at times.


      You could comfortably remove most of these corridors in favour of a more intuitive layout, while still keeping the idea of a "vent shaft" intact.


      Layouts like these are the very reason I always recommend people to look at stuff like Valiant, which serves as a good showcase of how areas can get connected.


      If you want for players to crawl through a vent shaft, then that's perfectly fine, but judged solely on that screenie, there's a would-be atmospherical highlight that turned into a cental motif of the map such as it is, and unfortunately 64-wide corridors/hallways usually don't make for interesting gameplay (because what can you actually put in a 64 wide hallway?).


      That aside, square shaped rooms are nice to start with if you just want something which players can move around in, however, since doom is a game about movement as much as it is about shooting, the shape of rooms dictate movement, and thus the shapes of rooms dictate how gameplay works. So, if you limit yourself to square shaped rooms, no matter how detailed, you also limit what kind of gameplay you can put in your map.

    2. SixCyn


      @Nine Inch Heels Thanks so much for all this feedback, I'm gonna take sometime and try out some other wads and perhaps just play some of the iWADs for inspiration.


      Inside the "vents" are imps and a cacodemon. the pinkies are a bit away from it.

      Honestly I do agree that perhaps thin corridors like that probably don't suit dooms gameplay style, I probably haven't thought them through properly.


      I don't know what would be the best way to "de squairify" my current rooms.


      Anyway, thanks a bunch this all helps very much.

      I just want to eventually be a great mapper and make some fun doom levels and like I said in my original post on the forums, I'd love to one day make a unique game in the DOOM engine. (I've already got programming experience from some of my previous ventures/jobs)


      Sorry I'm rambling, thank you very much for the help, I've honestly loved being on this site, it's nice to meet people on the internet with more than 6 brain cells :).




    3. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      Having some square-shaped rooms isn't something that's "problematic", for lack of a better term, but trying round shapes or so can work wonders... If you need inspiration for shapes of rooms, play "Miasma", but probably best for you not to try it on UV (it's a tad more challenging than what is "normal"). Rooms there have all kinds of shapes and sizes.