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  1. Screenshots of my newest MAP :)



    GJeqHsI - Imgur.png

    gKUsxSI - Imgur.png

    1. Phade102


      The map layout itself looks really interesting. a few points of interest you might want to look at.


      Screenshot 1: The knight statues dont really look that nice.(In my opinion) and the lighting on the ceiling looks a bit odd. this can be fixed by raising the ceiling sectors up a bit higher (But leave the sectors around it without a texture!) This will cause the ceiling texture thats there to use the same light level as the textures around it.


      Screenshot 2: You have an outdoor area here. very nice. Note the lava fall texture in the central pillar. with it being flush against the wall, it looks a bit sloppy. Try indending it a bit to make it look like its actually falling.


      Also, with the sky texture being there, I would suggest for realism to not make the sectors next to it so dark. The lighting from the sky would realistically provide a bit more light than its currently meant to be providing.


      Please note though, these are just my opinions. Ultimately, this map is something YOU are wanting to design. it doesnt matter what other people think as long as you enjoy designing it and are happy with the final product. I'm getting a very egyptian feel from this map, which is impressive considering it looks like you're only using the vanillia textures.

    2. SixCyn


      Yeah the lighting in the main room needs some work.


      I think indenting the lava will be a good idea thank you and I agree about the sky lighting.


      I might post more screenshots later.


      Thank you very much for the help and feedback ^-^

    3. SixCyn


      is there a quick way to indent a wall?