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  1. Sorry for the silence, been playing lots of Destiny 2 and been busy with work.

    I'm still working on my next doom wad, I've just had to make a lot of drastic changes to my maps.

    1. MidnightMage


      How is Destiny 2? I enjoyed the first game quite a bit so I've been interested to play the sequel. BTW I wouldn't apologize for not being online on a forum, everybody has lives outside of this forum as well that keeps them busy doing whatever it is they do.

    2. SixCyn


      Destiny 2 is an overall improvement on the first game for sure. they really made the grind less painful and the overall story is better (since it is there).


      Honestly I would consider getting it if you liked the first one (I hated the first one but I love Destiny 2).


      If you happen to be an Xbox user feel free to add me (GT: Synndra) I'd gladly party up sometime.

    3. SixCyn


      It's kind of an issue with me to say sorry for everything.. sorr- oops.

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