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  1. 94's the best style

    Doom Engine vs Build Engine (2018 edition)

    @Doom64hunter That's just recycling code for different things, neither rare nor inherently "worse". Why make a new tag for an entity when you can recycle sprites and palettes for specific purposes, polyobject actors in zdoom utilize actor angles, that's exactly the same stuff. Besides, making the palette change determined by palette is something funnily appropriate. There's also the fact that most effects tied to textures seem to exist to streamline map creation and enforce consistency, unlike Doom where nobody seems to agree whetever mud and blood are dangerous or not. All in all, most of the "crypticality" comes from the fact that Build hasn't changed much over the years, it didn't need to. GZdoom essentially uses the same data as original Doom, but it shovels much on top of that, which hurts its performance.
  2. 94's the best style

    How can I give a different ball of fire to hellknight?

    Part 2: Custom projectiles This is quite simple, even though it might look complex for a beginner. All what we do is simply inherit the baron's attack, and then you can change it how you see it fit. Firstly, you must name the projectile sprite images something different, like say we call this the super yellow hell knight attack, then let's shorten it to YHHK, and call the invidual images something like YHHKA1 and so on. To create new actors, you need to create a text file called DECORATE, and include it with your sprite images. The simplest thing to do right now, would be to use PK3 format, where you can simply make a folder, add another folder inside it called sprites. Into the folder "sprites" you put your sprite images. Decorate doesn't go to the folder "sprites", it goes into the larger folder that has sprites inside it. Now, if you turn the contents of the larger folder into a simple zip file, you can play it with gzdoom, by right clicking the folder and running it with gzdoom. Just rename the file extension from .zip to .pk3 so that GZdoom will detect it automatically, this doesn't change the contents of the file, so you can rename it back into .zip if you need to. DECORATE can be written with slade, or just text editor. This zdoom link will tell you how inheritance works, and gives an example as well: https://zdoom.org/wiki/Using_inheritance If that doesn't help enough, I'll put it shortly. First line of code is: actor HellKnightBall : BaronBall The HellKnightBall is the name of the new projectile we're making, and BaronBall is the name of the projectile it inherits from (the green projectile that royals lob at you). Press enter and add braces {} All code goes inside of these, and don't forget the other one or Gzdoom will get mad and fail to start your mod. Then you need states so that the actor can look like something, use the baron ball as an example, just replace BAL7 with YHHK or whatever you call your sprites. Spawn is what the prójectile will look like when it lives, death will be what it looks like when it impacts something . If you look back into the baron ball: https://zdoom.org/wiki/Classes:BaronBall You can notice that it has other parameters like damage before states. Do same, add those things BEFORE states, don't put them inside the states' own pair of braces, that won't work so just stay outside of those when not working with states. By default, the actor will inherit all the parameters. If you want your new projectile deal less damage, change the damage to something like: Damage 4 Here's an example of what your new projectile's decorate code could look like: actor HellKnightBall : BaronBall { damage 4 states: { Spawn: YHHK AB 4 Bright Loop Death: YHHK CDE 6 Bright Stop } } Now, this alone won't work, you would have to edit hell knight so that it will throw these projectiles, oh boy. I'll explain that if you need any more assistance. I think that I have lectured too much already. (also, could someone move this topic to Editing Questions? That's where the questions about editing doom should be asked.)
  3. 94's the best style

    How can I give a different ball of fire to hellknight?

    Yeah, it depends on what you want. If you want to simply reskin the attack, then you can simply replace the sprites, you can do this by first checking what those specific sprites are called, by either going to zdoom wiki: https://zdoom.org/wiki/Classes:BaronBall And then scrolling down to: States { Spawn: BAL7 AB 4 Bright Loop Death: BAL7 CDE 6 Bright Stop } You could also do it the hard way by opening the doom2 iwad in slade, but it would take longer, and we already know that the sprites are called BAL7. Now a short tutorial on how Doom handles sprites, they start with a four letter/number name (BAL7) and then the invidual sprite frame images are lettered, so the first would be called BAL7A, the second BAL7B and so on. You also need to specify ANGLE, which is the last part of the name. BAL7A0 would mean that it looks the same from all angles. Numbers 1-8 specify specific angles, with 1 being facing forward, and so on (check https://zdoom.org/wiki/Sprite for more info on them). What this means is that ALL sprite images have names that are exactly six letters/numbers long. Forget one, and it won't work properly. If you only want to change what the projectile looks, all you need to do is make each of those frames their own images, and name them properly. After that THE SPRITE MIGHT BE LOWER THAN IT*S SUPPOSED TO BE, that's ok, it just means that you need to open your custom wad with SLADE, and move the sprite images so that they're aligned properly. For example, monsters would have the bottom of their feet on X-axis, and have their body split roughly in two by Y-axis. Look at how Iwad sprites are aligned to get the feeling for it. HOWEVER, if you want to create a custom attack for ONLY the Hell Knight, that differs from Baron of Hell's attack, then it takes just a bit more work, and I can explain that soon.
  4. 94's the best style

    Doom Engine vs Build Engine (2018 edition)

    The moving brushes sectors* are a huge plus for build, as is room over room.
  5. 94's the best style

    Slaughterfest WADs: Pro or Anti?

    Honestly, I think that if people used (G)Zdoom features to add additional difficulty levels that were relegated to slaughter (like Serious difficulty in Serious Sam) then most of my gripes would be fixed. The thing is that UV is more of hard difficulty than hard+ difficulty, so I take it as the difficulty for experienced players and the way intended, instead of the difficulty for the friggin' dedicated madmen who live for the punishment. The fact that vanilla iwads are balanced so that UV is just right, doesn't help. Other personal gripe for me, and continuation to the previous point is the very grindy type of slaughter, Doom weapons aren't really balanced for fighting tons of enemies at once, so number keys 1-4 seem to go unused for most of the time, and I really like those weapons.
  6. 94's the best style

    Why the first 3 maps of Plutonia are so bad?

    Tbh, I think that map01 and especially map 02 of Pedition's Gate are harder than Plutonia's 1 and 2, health is tight and hitscanners everywhere.
  7. Probably because it would have been more work, and 2d sprite games were coming to an end. Quake was released the following month!
  8. 94's the best style

    Funny Jump Scares In Doom

    "Just my imagination" from Unloved.
  9. 94's the best style

    No Save November 2018

    It's time for the secret weapon! -Chooses Hey, not too rough.-
  10. That's good, and with my new computer, I might actually be able to run it.
  11. 94's the best style

    Super Shotgun is the best shotgun in video game history.

    It's also stronger than stinger, which is found much earlier, and could be seen as single shotty counterpart to brutal force of flak cannon ssg.
  12. 94's the best style

    Super Shotgun is the best shotgun in video game history.

    There's enemies like mancubus and arachnotron which will recover too fast from pain for ssg to be effective, normal shotty is better against them, as well as against any former human, as being defenseless for even a second translates to 20-40% health off if you can't kill them all in one shot.
  13. 94's the best style

    Making the mastermind a better monster

    Really, the only thing the big moma needs is a diet course. She holds a unique role in the roster, just like cybie, and that's being the by far most dangerous sniper in the series. Really, if you want common combat brains, use her children, or chaingunners. A monster isn't bad just because it's harder to use or has more specific function. I mean, Icon of sin parts have served many maps well.
  14. I can do the coding, decorate is ez. I suppose that all maps are taken as final, but we require Dexiaz's work if we are to finish this. Note that I'll be joining NaWriMo in November, so I won't have much time for mapping then.
  15. 94's the best style

    Super Shotgun is the best shotgun in video game history.

    That's because you're meant to use other weapons if you want omph, even plain nail gun has a darn good dps.