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94's the best style

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  1. 94's the best style

    Player Fault vs. Mapper Fault

    Why do you hate players? As a mapper they're the most precious little things! Also, why do you reflect my criticisms with words like "pretentious" and call players who aren't good dumbfucks. Why are you so mean? I want to have a civil conversation.
  2. 94's the best style

    Player Fault vs. Mapper Fault

    Reasonable expectations are important! A driving section in middle of the fps can't expect for the player to be a seasoned racing game player. If the map needs a special skill, you have to teach the player that skill.
  3. 94's the best style

    Do you get stuck in NON-IWAD maps?

    Usually if I get stuck for too long, I will just quit and play some other map. It's remarkably easy to make a cryptic map without thinking, lack of playtesting often causes this. as the mapper of course knows exactly what to do, without realizing that the map itself does not tell what to do.
  4. 94's the best style

    What are the best doom maps ever?

    Pretty much any Tom Hall based map could apply. Episode 2 is very good thanks to this.
  5. 94's the best style

    Player Fault vs. Mapper Fault

    Bad mappers blame players. Good mapper blames the map, and uses the wisdom gained to make a better map. Players blame mappers because they need to blow steam after getting so riled up. Players got overheated and now they're burnt. Fighting people who are on fight mode will just make things worse. Experienced mappers know what things players enjoy, and use them to pace the maps better and calm them down. You can never satisfy everyone, and most players drop maps quickly, so mappers should be grateful for those players who put up with the maps and bullshit of us mappers. In the end, mapper puts time to make a map, but the player also uses time to play the map. Mappers should not take the preferences of players personally, players can like the dumbest things, and play the dumbest ways, but they do that because they like it, and mappers do maps the way they like.
  6. Homing Teleport bombs that send you back to the player start, while also dealing flat 20 damage.
  7. Cautious is more enjoyable, makes you feel like in control. Especially important in Doom, as the game is quite random with... everything, so you have to expect everything to go wrong in the worst possible way.
  8. 94's the best style

    What makes a map good or bad?

    Maps I like = good Maps I don't like = bad That's pretty much it. I play games to have fun, ain't got time for maps that make me less happy than I was before I played them.
  9. 94's the best style

    If you could add one single demon to Doom, what would it be?

    A helicopter boss flown by zombies. Armed with homing missiles of course.
  10. Monsters ain't gonna do jack against archvile flames though.
  11. 94's the best style

    What's the hardest part of making a map for you?

    Weapon progression is pretty annoying in Doom. Weapons are much more unbalanced, and there's no powerups like Quad Damage to help make weak weapons work. This leads to very predictable weapon progression most of the time, bad when you want to also include rewarding secrets, and weapons tend to be one of the best thing to have in secrets.
  12. 94's the best style

    Monster pop-in on Illuminatus

    Illusio pits are the easiest way to create ambushes fast and easy. Also very vanilla limits friendly. Best use is probably to have them hide monsters in areas you can see much earlier than you can access.
  13. 94's the best style

    What do you all think of Maximum Doom?

    Playing every wad of Maximum Doom is probably a nice bragging right, though you would also seem like a gamer with too much time on their hands. There's probably worse ways to spend many, many hours of gaming time.
  14. 94's the best style

    How Do People Feel About Wraith Corp Megawads?

    `The maps are fine, but the music is 10/10. Best Doom soundtrack. I also really love the last level of Perdition's gate, best end level.
  15. 94's the best style

    What is your favorite demon in DOOM?

    Arachnotrons are the most fun to fight, get stunned easily, satisfying sounds. And hey, it's a baby Spider Mastermind, what's not to love?