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  1. Clearly the only way to fix this is to have a map with 48 000 hks.
  2. It's always good to know your limits and tell others when you just can't cut it. Btw @therektafire it would be great if there was a small easter egg graveyard with the names of all people who failed to make a map, of course we need to wait and see who still is to make their maps.
  3. But is it for scrawny ss soldiers and mostly dead zombies?
  4. The most scientific way to determine Caco's weight is to check its mass, Zdoom wiki says its 400, but 400 of what? To determine that, we need to refer to the fact that Doomguy, or if we go by his Decorate name, Doomplayer's mass is 100. Now let's also consider that all three other humans (or former) weigh this as well, we can determine that Caco weighs about same as four adult men. Average weight for an adult male human is about 75 kilos, of course this greatly differs based on the reference pool, but considering that guys of doom all have relatively standard build, this seems to be best I've got until UAC releases their work place health inspection papers of 1993. tl:dr Cacodemon (in Zdoom derived ports) weighs four adult men, or 75*4 kilos = 300 kilograms or 661 pounds for people who got stuck in Heretic time.
  5. Ho-ho-ho-hold on!! Did you really not join any sectors that have same height? Look at this thing, every single one of the beams was a separate sector! I selected each one and pressed J in 2d view of GZdoom builder to join them into one sector. To make things worse, you even have a those two thicker beams split into two for seemingly no reason. A good rule of thumb is if the sectors use the same 3d floor tags, and if those sectors all have same flat textures and heights, then join them and save a bit of workload from the engine. You could also check my map for this project for an example of using flat portals to create sky beneath, with much less 3d floors. Every single one of these beams used to be a seperate sector, I joined them into one without any aesthetic changes.
  6. Holy shit, this map doesn't run good even in the smallest possible window size, is it the fog that's lagging the game up?
  7. The hazard falls are actually holograms made by the demons to trick you.
  8. You have awfully little faith in Doom being a timeless game then. There's always a crowd of people who can only play the lastest things, why should a fanbase of over 20 years old game carter to them? Can't they be happy with the games the like to play?
  9. I secretly wish for the unpredictable attacks to be the norm, while the blursphere would render them predictable. Would help make fighting imps and Knights more interesting.
  10. I usually go good ol. wasd, but for chocolate doom, I have rebound the keys in an effort to make a keyboard variant of WASD. Essentially arrow keys do what mouse would do, left and right arrows to turn, up arrow to fire, and down arrow to use.
  11. That's such a random mechanic that I wonder why it even exists.
  12. Ultimate Doom, Ultimate Doom, Ultimate doom and then the other Iwads. I feel that the brilliance of the original game(s) and their map design would be spoiled by jumping out of loop. Simple things like E1M3 soulsphere on the pedestal, or the cyberdemon fight would lose their magic if a person would have played trough grueling slaughtermaps and their generous givings of megaspheres and plasma packs. After that I would leave them for their own, since in the end, finding something yourself will motivate you to play trough it more than being seemingly touted stuff that you must "absolutely" play. Then again, it could just be that I haven't really played trough pwad megawads.
  13. I'm going to join for the second time as well. Fortunately it seems that older custom stuff is now allowed, so I can recycle monster gfx from the previous entry. Also thank heavens for randomize aspect of SNDINFO, will help make my pk3 not as ear grating as my previous one.
  14. I mean, one could just make monsters treat damage floors like they treat high drops. They won't walk off pillars, but you can still knock them off from them. Most maps already give some sort of bridge trough the damage sectors, at worst it would block some monsters from entering other parts of the map, which is already done by most doortypes.
  15. Ok guys (and gals), a friendly reminder that DEADLINE is March 1st, 2018! Now if my calculations aren't completely out of whack, that means that you have 1 month to finish your maps (and the hub map as well @therektafire, I can help if you need any.) We already have a nice handful of maps, but you can never have too many Hell Knights, can you?