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  1. 94's the best style

    Can we please talk about the Chasm

    For some reason, all of the worthwhile maps in Doom 2 are placed in the last episode (outside of refueling base, maybe). Chasm, Monster Condo, Spirit World and Living End feel most like good old U-Doom. They're also the maps that are good for the eyes.
  2. 94's the best style

    Post Your Controversial Opinions About Doom

    I'm not sure if it's an unpopular opinion, but the damage rolls suuuuck! Yeah, sure, have the homing missile do 80 damage, but at least make it do that consistently like Vore's purple magic, much easier to notice if more health is in order during the testing, than trying to be a sage and predict every worst possible outcome one could still walk away from.
  3. 94's the best style

    We have lost...

    Tbh, eternal is about as much a Doom game as Total Annihilation is a Command and Conquer game. Classic Doom and C&C work because they're very simple, even a first timer would have no trouble quickly learning that you press shoot on the bad guy, or click on your dude to select him and click again to tell him to go there. Classic Doom had very simple movement mechanics, very simple combat mechanics and enemies all work mostly the same. And that made it all work, for it was the variety in maps, weapons and monsters that gave the vigor to keep the game interesting. You don't need to know doom to know what a person playing doom is doing, unlike Eternal which has so many different mechanics mudding up the simplicity. That doesn't mean Eternal is a bad game, just that it doesn't play like Doom outside of being same genre. Quake Champions feels more like Doom, even with its weird abilities. Huh, Quake staying mostly same through 25 years shows that "old" games can still work today.
  4. 94's the best style

    What is your most hated demon in Doom?

    Barons have much more staying power than Hell Knights. Archviles are the worst for being able to attack through other enemies, and for relying entirely on either map geometry, or luck. The game deserved to have a dedicated healer that can't screw over player just because they walked into the wrong end of the room.
  5. 94's the best style

    Do you play a lot of 90's wads?

    90's map are beautiful in their simplicity. It's just fun to check out if your vanilla map will work in Chocolate Doom. And of course, the level geometry won't distract you from the fighting, which is a huge plus.
  6. 94's the best style

    Improvements you would make to commercial Doom maps

    Give Spider Mastermind some room to walk, especially in E4M8. Also exile all other monsters from both fights.
  7. 94's the best style

    Your method for monster/ammo/health balance?

    First you guess and put down stuff where you want. Then you play through the map, and then play through it again without secrets. Could you beat the map? Yes, then ship it. No? Try again and again until you decide that you need more health/ammo, and place some down. If the situation is just ridiculous, then reshuffle the enemies and map geo.
  8. 94's the best style

    What do you guys think the origin of the plasma rifle firing sound is?

    I don't know what it is, but I do know that it must be the loudest sound on Earth. (I still miss it if a pwad changes it.)
  9. People always over rely on SSG. Which is why I like Ultimate Doom and pwads for it, gives time for chaingun, rockets and plasma to shine.
  10. 94's the best style

    How would you buff the pistol?

    Personally, if there were more weapons, I would have it be like this: Pistol, good accuracy, medium fire rate, low damage. Uses pistol ammo. SMG, very poor accuracy, very high fire rate, same damage and ammo as pistol. Appears mostly in later levels where fighting with pistol would take too long. Machine Gun/ Assault Rifle, good accuracy on the first shot, loses some if you hold fire, fire rate between pistol and SMG, damage per bullet is better, uses rifle ammo. About as good as Doom 1 Chaingun Chaingun, Poor accuracy, but better than SMG, very high fire rate, same damage per bullet as machine gun as they share ammo. Appears in Doom 2 after super shotty.
  11. 94's the best style

    Is a blood floor supposed to damage the player?

    Usually I treat Blood and Brown Slime as the weak damaging floors, Green as the medium and Lava/striped flat22 as the very damaging floors. Though I also sometimes have the cracked flat with seams full of lava as weak damaging, due to heat of the lava. Blue water should only ever be damaging if it's the level boundary, aka way to force players to turn back before they hit the invisible wall, though in maps that support it, I would have strong stream doing the same thing.
  12. 94's the best style

    Post Your Controversial Opinions About Doom

    SS fit that nice niche of being more dangerous than Riflemen without dropping weapons. Nice for when you don't want to give the player the direct upgrade to pistol just yet. The relatively low damage also means that they can't get out of hand quite like Chaingunners, so you can add more nazis, wohoo!
  13. 94's the best style

    What demon annoys you the most?

    The simple problem with revenants is that they're by far the most unpredictable monster. Homing and dumb missiles have completely different dodging tactics, and you pretty much have to guess which one it will launch. They're too fast to hit consistently from afar, their projectiles deal too much damage to take them on near, and even up close when they would rather punch you, their high pain chance forces them to missile anyway. Any change to the skeletons and they would be significantly easier to deal with. Pain elementals are probably hated for the same reason, lost souls are bipolar little demons, and you would almost swear that they were programmed to only charge when you weren't looking. I do sort of like them. Archvile has the most ridiculously overpowered attack in the game, not even revenant's D&D roll missile is as bad, but at least the healer is consistent. Unfortunately, there's no real tactic to fighting them, which means that every archvile fight relies entirely on the map geometry for any kind of challenge. It's hated since you have no hand in affecting an archvile fight, you can only stay in cover, which of course completely negates any number of 'viles, so the only thing that changes is the amount of shooting required to kill them all. Can't be rated, as it's just like Icon of sin, map is the real enemy. Cyberdemons are predictable, but messing up means near certain death. The pain state's three consecutive shots is the main thing that will catch people off guard. Fine when not overused. Spectres are either the biggest joke, or the most cunning demon in the game, based entirely on what blur option you use. Good fear to threat ratio, a classic Doom foe. Baron, he's simple, but he has big guts, and a bigger health bar! If you claim that two knights are better than a baron, then by the same logic, a dozen imps is better than two knights, hey if nothing else, the imps will deliver better suppressive fire. Baron is a fine, meaty foe in the roster. Players would rather avoid than fighting them in most situations, making them a guaranteed mainstay in any battlefield they appear in. These guys punish your own laziness, though they're also good at tight quarters, as seen in the first two maps of Episode 4.
  14. 94's the best style

    Wads with a "Mirrors Edge" aesthetic?

    Twin Moons was originally meant to have a sort of super simplistic, no texture art style. I gave up on it when I realized that it would restrict the game to more or less abstract levels. Though I've still contemplated having a few levels in the original style, just to spice things up.
  15. 94's the best style

    Is Duke Nukem Forever Really That Bad?

    I don't know what happened to this thread. I just wanted to say that I like DNF, and that its much easier to approach than Duke 3D, which is pretty darn hard, not the least due to how ineffective your pistol start gear is against the common pigcops and assault commanders. Shadow Warrior 1997 fixed that problem, and is really damn fun as result. I also want to add that the Ego meter helps sell the badass action guy trope, as you can afford to go out in the open much more than in 3D. Duke has always followed trends, his first two games were 2d platformers, completed the second one, it suffers from too zoomed in camera forcing you to take things slower than intended.