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  1. FreeFreeDoom/EvenMoreFreeDoom/WePayYouToPlayDoom
  2. Doom but Doomguy is an incel and all the demons are 'Chads' and women.
  3. Doomguy VS. Doomguy army. If the multiple universe theory is anything to go by.
  4. Oh. I thought it was some kinda strange riddle I had to figure out, like he was some kinda bard visiting my kingdom.
  5. Why?
  6. This might have been asked before, but I couldn't find anything. Okay I'll cut to the chase, I am working on a randomizer wad and I wanted to know if there's a way I can add options into the option menu, specifically one that allows the player to disable and enable specific enemy spawns. I also want it to include presets at the top (I.e. Doom only enemies, Doom 2 only enemies, Custom[Possibly], ect). Kinda like the one PB has. I'm using Slade for editing and I intend this to work with GZDoom. EDIT: It'd work like this: Options > Rando Options > Rando Spawns And the menu would looks something like this [Presets] [Enemy] ON/OFF UPDATE: Okay so like I figured out how to use MENUDEFs now I need to know how to disable enemies / prevent them from spawning like in PB and how to add a preset option.
  7. Half-Life and both Quakes
  8. The fall Windows 10 update broke mouse support in a lot of games. Is there like a developer build somewhere with a fixed SDL? EDIT: Okay it's been fixed in the latest versions, but for people who don't want to use dev builds or have issuses with other source ports then right click on the .exe file, click properties, go to compatibility tab, and check Override High DPI.
  9. Also this:
  10. When there's a new cacowards!
  11. Doom 5 is pretty good.
  12. GZVABOOMDOOM+ EX: Megaton Edition
  13. This thread reminds me of the infighting mechanic in Doom.
  14. KBDoom.