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  1. DepravedDiptera

    Phase 2 "Episode" name?

    The Invasion or just Invasion sounds short and sweet. Phase II would be the most likely name though.
  2. DepravedDiptera

    Is the Doom 3 marine The original Doomguy?

    IMO the Doom timeline isn't as connected as people theorize. Here's my thoughts on the canons: Classic Doom and D2 can stand on their own, but are possibly used as a base for other games in the series. Doom 3 and it's expansions are their own thing, they have nothing to do with any other game aside from some easter eggs. D64 is a sort of 'unofficial' or noncanon sequel to D2. E4 and Sigil are sort of 'unofficial' or noncanon sequels to classic Doom. D4 is a soft reboot which can stand on it's own, but implies it's a sequel to D2 (or even D64) with references to the rest of the franchise. Some of the references can also imply there's some sort of connection to D3, but I believe they're only references. DE is a direct sequel to D4.
  3. Workin' on a new Imp drawing since my older two looked like absolute dog piss.



    It's a start

  4. DepravedDiptera

    Iron Maiden files trademark suit against Ion Maiden

    On the bright side, at least this is makes slightly more sense than the whole Absolute Zero thing.
  5. DepravedDiptera

    First Doom fan site(s) you ever found?

  6. I just played System Shock for the first time a few days ago. SHODAN is top-tier waifu.

  7. DepravedDiptera

    Who is the best doomer on Doomworld?

  8. DepravedDiptera

    How and/or when did you become a fan of Doom?

    I always loved emulation and my favorite console to emulate was N64, because of how easy it was to make rom hacks of many of the games on it. Way back when I was 7-9 I downloaded a Doom 64 rom because I heard from people online at the time who grew up with Doom that it was revolutionary and awesome. I didn't know D64 was a different game, I assumed it was a port. I loved it even if it was impossible to control without a mouse. At some point when I was 11 I saw Markiplier play Brutal Doom on his channel, which is slightly important for later. In 2015 I was getting various games out of boredom and because I was at a low point in my life and I was trying to distract my self. I got the entirety of the Half-Life series and fell in love with it. Probably in 2016 or 2017 I remembered the Markiplier video from years ago and decided to buy Doom and Doom 2, along with downloading Brutal Doom V20. Due to my experience with rom hacks I knew there had to be more mods and sites dedicated to them, and the rest is history. I might've messed up on the ages, I've been emulating games since I began to live.
  9. DepravedDiptera

    How would you describe the whole Doom/Doom 2 in just 4 words?

    I hate Arch-viles.
  10. DepravedDiptera

    Why I hate the term "mapper".

    I feel like it's the same as calling someone who's a traditional 2D artist a 'drawer'. Some don't care, some are offended, some prefer to be referred to as a drawer because they feel their skill isn't on par with what the skill they associate with the term. So me for instance, I'd prefer to be referred to as a mapper due to my lack of skill, however a person who is very advanced and has a ridiculous amount of skill I'd refer to them as a level designer, it's a matter of preference in my opinion. But I like to refer to myself as just 'am', I think therefore I am. Because I am merely an empty husk only capable of thought, and in all lower case because I lack any importance outside of myself.
  11. DepravedDiptera

    Whats your favorite animes

    Really generic, but Dragon Ball (and Z) and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure for me. I try to get into others, but they always feel too derivative (at least the popular ones). Also Homestuck.
  12. DepravedDiptera

    Favorite Source Port?

    Same here. I actually think I prefer Crispy to Choco because you can disable smooth scaling and it fits to screen, I'm sure there's a way to configure Choco to disable smooth scaling and fit to screen, but I haven't found it yet.
  13. DepravedDiptera

    Any fellow Brazilian mappers?

    Inactivity I think, but I don't know for sure if inactive accounts get banned or not.
  14. DepravedDiptera

    Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

    Doom 3 Cyberdemon idle animation rendered in Blender Cycles. Doom 3 Hell Knight rendered in Blender cycles.
  15. DepravedDiptera

    Arl's improvements.