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  1. DepravedDiptera

    Anyone know some pretty good megawads?

  2. Because Slaughtermaps are fun and challenging, just like a secret level should be? And secret levels are optional so them being extremely hard makes sense?
  3. DepravedDiptera

    Quake 2 Won't Run in OpenGL

    I'm using the GOG version. Every time I try to change Quake 2 to OpenGL mode the game crashes. Any advice that doesn't include sourceports or patches? Update: I found a pirated copy and it worked, I moved some files into my Quake 2 directory and now it works. I'm not sure which of these 4 did it, but it was probably the only one that didn't replace something, but just in case here's all 4: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1f7IyG3lBq2ghf9ZvEM4-n2sLpF2_rzou/view?usp=sharing
  4. DepravedDiptera

    Freedoom app released on google play store

    My only issue with this app is that it doesn't remember the settings I change, meaning I have to set them every time I launch the sourceport. Edit: Oh wait no I'm an idiot, they're not kept between IWads, I only have to set them once.
  5. DepravedDiptera

    Who said this?

    Well phuck my donkey. Clearly it was Dr. Betruger.
  6. DepravedDiptera

    Anyone Annoyed That...

    It's probably so he can still use his dominant hand to pick shit up and stuff. So like he can still be one of them unnatural lefties if it really bothers you that much.
  7. DepravedDiptera

    What platform do you play on?

    I use PC and on the lowest graphics I get about 30-40 fps, because I'm on a nongaming laptop.
  8. DepravedDiptera

    Favorite Source Port?

    I want to rank the source ports by the amount of votes with it being a poll and instead just people telling me source ports so I can get as many ranked as possible.
  9. DepravedDiptera

    Favorite Source Port?

    I want to do something like Savagegrant's Top Wads post, but with source ports: I don't know if anyone has done this before and I'm sorry if they have, link the post and I'll delete this. The way voting works for this post is you say what your favorite source port is and I'll add tallies to them. If there's a source port not listed here you can still vote for it I'll add it. You can list multiple source ports, but there's no point system, each vote is only one point. Dosbox doesn't count. GZDoom [13: DepravedDiptera, Anidrex_1009, Caffeine Freak, YukiRaven, Apaul27, Cyan0s1s, HAK3180, ZeroTheEro, Ajora, MFG38, Cacodemon345, Aquila Chrysaetos, Gez] PrBoom+ / GLBoom+ [7: Caffeine Freak, Mun, GhoulDesecrator, Agent6, DoomeroHispalense, Zahid, Fonze, Aquila Chrysaetos] Eternity [3: Jon, Edward850, Gez] ZDoom [3: Ex Oblivione, Caffeine Freak, Urthar] Chocolate Doom [3: DepravedDiptera, YukiRaven, DoomeroHispalense] Zandronum [3: Doomkid, Teder, Aquila Chrysaetos] DelphiDoom [2: YukiRaven, Gez] CrispyDoom [2: Cyan0s1s, HAK3180] Doomsday [2: Caffeine Freak, YukiRaven] ZDaemon [2: Doomkid, Rosh Fragger] Odamex [2: Doomkid, DoomeroHispalense] 3DGE [1: Gez] Doom Retro [1: Gez] Edit: I agree with Doomkid's comment, I might add the point system eventually, but for now I'll be using the single vote system. Edit2: I can't keep up with this. I give up on keeping track. REEEEEEEEE
  10. I'm posting this here because I'm dumb and gae. So I just tried out the source port Risen 3D and downloaded all the extra juicy files they have for it on their website and I have to say it's pretty good, but some changes I'd like to recommend are: *More graphic options like GZDoom Like FXAA, AO, lens distortion, and bloom and the ability to change texture filtering modes. *Different midi devices like OPL emulation *Better animations and models The animations for the default and Sitter/Abbs models are too slow and stiff. *Better lighting I know you can modify the lighting a bit in the options menu, but it's still not enough. The dynamic lighting looks cheap and everything seems too bright, but that can be fixed in the options like I said. There's some more DANKASS shit I'd add/change, but I'm incredibly tired and too lazy to list them right now, they aren't as important to me as the other things I've listed. I'm not educated enough on this, but GZDoom has 3D model support and I think it has most of the features Risen 3D has, so maybe Risen is outdated and that's why it's under utilized? What would you add or change to make this source port better?
  11. DepravedDiptera

    What did it felt like when you guys started mapping?

    Absolutely enraging. Oh wait I'm not a veteran.
  12. He's going to come back as a ghost. I've seen it in a vision!

    1. Lila Feuer

      Lila Feuer

      Gutless Ghost will haunt Lin's shack with doughy pizza crust.

  13. DepravedDiptera

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I found out that Doom Guy is Sans.
  14. DepravedDiptera

    So, how old are you ?

    I'm 200,000.
  15. DepravedDiptera

    [Slade+GZDoom] How Do I Add Settings

    So in my options menu for a wad I'm making I have the option to enable randomized Lost Souls (have them replaced with any monster) or disable randomized Lost Souls and everything I've tried so far hasn't worked. I want a script so when LSToggle = 1 the decorate code activates this: But when LSToggle = 0 the decorate code activates this: Or something like that. The closest I've gotten to that is CVARs, but it still didn't work. Is there anyway to accomplish what I'm trying to do?