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Status Updates posted by Dyterius

  1. These past two years for me has been the most I've ever matured. I'm pretty proud of myself.

  2. Workin' on a new Imp drawing since my older two looked like absolute dog piss.



    It's a start

  3. I just played System Shock for the first time a few days ago. SHODAN is top-tier waifu.

  4. When you release PL3:SE you should change the name and tweak the story. Also for the BFGuys you could make a new projectile for them entirely and reduce the damage a shit ton.

    1. SilverMiner


      There is coming Plutonia 3: Boom Edition either without subname. Bfguys were replaced with missile posessed. The story changes a bit. So it'll be better than in my fourteen)

  5. I've got an idea for a wad that changes sprites, but keep gameplay the same as vanilla. It'd be like Shades of Doom, but only the Former Human and Sarg are affected. It'd randomize FH sprite ranging from UAC scientists, marines, and security guards. For Doom 2 the sprites would be 4-8 different random citizens. For FS it'd be blue marines and security guards (higher rank). For Doom 2 it'd be 4-8 random citizen separate from the FH ones.

  6. He's going to come back as a ghost. I've seen it in a vision!

    1. Lila Feuer

      Lila Feuer

      Gutless Ghost will haunt Lin's shack with doughy pizza crust.

  7. I'm sorry, I wasn't aware of the bumping rule. I will not revive dead threads with meaningless comments and instead I will contribute to discussion, but if I ever feel the need to comment in a dead thread it will be if someone else bumps it before me.

    Also I don't know where to put this apology so I'm leaving it as a status post. This is probably incredibly awkward, but I felt the need to apologize for breaking a forum rule.

    1. Gothic


      The best way to apologize is not doing it again. No need for posting an apology, because really, nobody gets perjudicated, except the mod who had to waste 30 seconds giving you that warning.

    2. BigDickBzzrak


      To my knowledge there are no actual "forum rules" here so you're cool hahaha

    3. Dyterius



      There was a FAQ page, but it hasn't been put back up yet.

  8. 'Ello dudebros. For people who like to play both BD and PB here's some spicy commands I whipped up, because I'm a sad human being: Alias truereload "reload; reloader"; bind r truereload; Alias thrownade "grenadetoss; usegren"; bind g thrownade; Alias hitlight "flashlightswitch; punchem"; bind f hitlight ; Alias 2guns "dual; weaponspecial"; bind mouse3 2guns

    Copy and paste that into the GZDoom or Zandronum console and get annoyed by the UNKNOWN COMMAND message, but at least you don't have to rebind them every time.