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  1. Bob9001

    Community Chest 64

    I check on this every now and then and every time I check more maps YAY. Almost there guys. Gonna be a good mapset for D64 :D
  2. Bob9001

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    Bloodspeed Map 03 UV-Max in 5:04 b03-504.zip
  3. Bob9001

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    Bloodspeed Map 02 UV-Max in 3:26 b02-326.zip
  4. Bob9001

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    Bloodspeed by StormCatcher77 Map 01 UV-Max in 4:09 Map 01 Nomonsters in 0:52 Map 01 Nomonsters with 100% secrets in 1:14 b01-409.zip b01o052.zip b01os114.zip
  5. Bob9001

    Bloodspeed (Beta 2)

    Hey, been playing through this wad a bit, I'd like to ask when Map01 is getting fixed so the last demon spawns so I can complete the UV-Max. But for now I have done and submitted 3 demos to the Misc thread if anyone wants to watch Map01.
  6. Bob9001

    Final DOOM demos [-complevel 4]

    Map 01: System Control Nomonsters with 100% Secrets in 0:29 Beats my previous demo by 1 second. ev01os029.zip
  7. Bob9001

    Community Chest 64

    Here ya go: Ancient_Dimension v1.2.zip
  8. Bob9001

    Community Chest 64

    Nice to see this coming together, I've finished my map so it's complete to be used. Thanks for letting me make a map for this project and I will be keeping an eye on the release date when I can play all the other great maps. :)
  9. Bob9001

    Notable 2018 demos.

    There were a few great demos this year that I watched so I'm gonna post those below: TNT & Plutonia Nomo100 demopacks by Bob9001 TNT Solo-net demos by Bob9001 AV D2all by Ancalagon Thanks to everyone that posted demos and hope everyone has a great 2019 with speedrunning!!
  10. Bob9001

    TNTR demos [-complevel 4]

    Yeah when I did that demo I never had any issues with teleporting. You should re-do the demo in CL4 as that's the intented complevel for this wad. Also there is still Map 27 to max, I thought someone would have done that by now.
  11. Bob9001

    Community Chest 64

    Ok everyone, I've just updated my map for probably the final time (Unless someone finds something that is completely not right). If anyone that got crashlogs from when they were play testing and find out why the map crashes in the 2nd to last area.
  12. Bob9001

    Community Chest 64

    Yeah I agree with Goat, you should be advertising to get the rest of the map slots filled so we can compile this and release for testing.
  13. Bob9001

    MAYhem 2018 - Purple Version!

    That's a new method for a secret, timed... hmm, ok I'll rush it and see if I can get it. Yeah sorry it is the plasma rifle, I thought it was BFG.
  14. Bob9001

    MAYhem 2018 - Purple Version!

    Sorry to bump an old topic, but I would like to know who made Map 06 and if they could give me some insight into how to get the Plasma Rifle secret, thanks.
  15. Nice demos xit, nice to see you back again making demos, I came along awhile after you stopped. Keep up the good work!