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  1. Yeah I think you hit the nail on the head with "speed-wads like Junkfood, ode2poopbutt, etc, piling up back to back, the genre can burn out.". That's all i seem to see on the DSDA homepage, so you can see why i have this opinion lately. You say the index isn't setup to be taken seriously, but that's not quite what has been happening; When I first started speedrunning, you would be correct nobody cared about index and it was more about making quality runs that people wanted to watch and of course tablefilling some of the older 'good' wads. But some where along the line (Maybe from 2019-2021?) the notion seemed to shift towards 'Oh number goes up, cool'. I can agree with your suggestion of redoing the index system so it seems appealing to EVERYONE, not just new runners with notion for numbers.
  2. The "Value" WAS higher when there was less people because you didn't have people making meme wads to increase their index. In my opinion the competition died when more people started speedrunning.
  3. Here's a hot take; Speedrunning Doom used to be easy now there's too many people doing it so the value is gone.
  4. Bob9001

    Official Demo Request Thread

    Either TAS or not, not phased. TAS's are better to watch but doesn't worry me. Well this post will be here for many years, maybe it will happen :)
  5. Bob9001

    Official Demo Request Thread

    I'd like to see Plutonia episode 2 and 3 tyson and/or Plutonia 2 ep1, 2 and 3 tysons.
  6. Bob9001

    Plutonia 2 Demos [-complevel 4]

    Ah finally something good to watch.
  7. Bob9001

    DSDA Issues / Reports

    Can you add "Plays back with tnt31.wad." to my TNT Episode 2 max run please.
  8. Bob9001

    Final DOOM demos [-complevel 4]

    Because they make up "Final Doom".
  9. I can't believe i fell for this.
  10. Bob9001

    TNTR demos [-complevel 4]

    TNTR Map 14 UV-Speed in 1:00 TNTR14s-100.zip Link to Twitch VOD Link to Youtube
  11. Sorry Doomy XD I just made a change for more casual players, BFG is now in the outdoor area. Nothing else has been changed. 2m_Storage Warehouse.zip
  12. Sorry is map 08, not 09, behind the BFG there's a sector that's too small to trigger and it shouldn't be a secret anyway.
  13. Map 09 has an unobtainable secret, nobody tested that :)
  14. Hey been awhile since I checked in, I'm guessing my map is in a good place as nobody contacted me :) Is this out for public play yet?
  15. Bob9001

    REKKR - V1.16

    Aw, I'm disappointed to hear your reply. But in hindsight I see where you're coming from. Perhaps another expansion for Rekkr?