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  1. Nomonster speedrunning

    I am back with some more demos! Hoo-ray!! AV Map 15 - Nomo - 2:27, Nomo 100% - 2:04 (Secret Exit) & 2:38 (Normal Exit) AV-Map15.zip
  2. Alien Vendetta demos [-complevel 2]

    AV Map 15 UV-Max. No where near the record time but was fun to record. avuv15-944.zip
  3. Doom Streams

    Doing some Alien Vendetta maps, come along and check it out: https://www.stream.me/Bob9001
  4. Nightmare!

    Congratulations! I for one have never tried to do Doom2 on Nightmare! However, speedrunning on Nightmare is a good way to get the heart-rate up. Final doom on Nightmare is where the joke falls off, especially Map08 of TNT. That took years for anyone to complete a run on Nightmare!
  5. Nomonster speedrunning

    Yeah I like that map too, it's a good layout. I did some routing for 14-20, but I can't be bothered recording getting a good time. 20-30 is meh in my opinion. I practised 22 a bit, including doing a UV-Max but my time was way too slow.
  6. E2M8 Done Passive

    Just to add my 2 cents: I been thinking about ways to do Map30. But there always seems to be a counter-problem. The overall verdict is, I guess.. Not possible?
  7. Nomonster speedrunning

    Yeah that's true, the fact that Map07 is incomplete took me by surprise. I'll have a look at 11-20 and 20-30 later today and see if it's worth the effort to record IL's. I've tried 11 and it's just so confusing, even after watching your demo LOL.
  8. The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Yes this is it thank you very much! Also does anyone know what comp-level this wad uses?
  9. Nomonster speedrunning

    Good stuff Daniel! I noticed my ep1 wasn't added to dsda, so was that because I can't do map07. If so, fair enough.
  10. The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Anybody know what the WAD is called, some brief facts: this WAD has 6 keys and one of the levels is on a train. All the levels are very well designed and some of them are slaughter-type levels. Pretty sure it's a Boom type wad. I played it years ago on a ZDaemon server and I've since lost it and want to try play it again. Cheers.
  11. Nomonster speedrunning

    Here's some Alien Vendetta nomo 100% secrets. Playback is av.wad (2nd release). Forenote: Upon making this, I found out that Map 07 is not able to be completed in this catagory so for the episode 1 demo I just split the demo into part 1 & 2, however the timer resets in Part 2 due to limitations. The txt file has the times in total. If anyone knows how to get around this problem let me know and I'll re-do it. avos Demos.zip
  12. Nomonster speedrunning

    So today I re-did the D2ALL for TNT nomo 100% secrets. Pretty soild performance I reckon! A few changes however, I started using advanced hud and I added Level 31 and 32 to my d2all demo. Time to give this a rest for awhile now. evosd2all-5624.zip
  13. Nomonster speedrunning

    Ah, ok I'll start using that. It just so happens I have to re-do d2all of nomo 100% secrets for TNT as I died in my first demo, so I could improve my times a bit. Cheers for the feedback as you're one of the people that holds many records and I have used some of your demos as tips etc.
  14. Nomonster speedrunning

    Ah that's good to hear, TNT is my favourite wad of all time! No I'm not a new player, I'm just new to posting my demos. If that makes sense? haha I record in prboom-plus, so is there an option to turn on the better timer?
  15. Going Down demos [-complevel 9]

    Map 01 NM Speed in 0:47 gd01nms-047.zip