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  1. Bob9001

    The Lost Levels

    I didn't get a notification for this reply so sorry about that! Ah that's good to hear, I felt like the first map was my worst cause I made that so long ago and didn't really change much before releasing. My favorite level is map 04 just from having made that and playing it :) Thank you very much!
  2. Bob9001

    DOOM 87 (Beta Release) Demos [-complevel 2]

    Just got to say that if you want people to speedrun a wad, you should have the final release before getting speedrunners to record demos, as sometimes changes made can cause desyncs.
  3. Bob9001

    The Lost Levels

    Hello, so over the past year and half I've been working on a few maps that I had made for a now discontinued project. Since they have been sitting on my computer I decided to clean them up a bit AND I made a brand new level to add to this collection. I'm just looking to get these playtested by some people and if anyone has any feedback please don't hesitate to comment on this thread. This is the first time I've released something with more than one map so hopefully you can get some enjoyment out of these 4 levels :) So I present The Lost Levels! Featuring 4 brand new levels. Some new intermission text. and a new .deh. Map 01 - Feeding Grounds Map 02 - Temple of Blood Map 03 - Castle Ruins Map 04 - City of Despair Some information about the 4 new maps: Required to run: DOOM2.wad Lost_levels.wad Lost_levels.deh RETRES.wad -complevel 9 (BOOM) All levels have some Coop items/monsters and I have tested all of them to the best of my ability. Some Difficulty settings exist but not all maps have much differences. - Map 01 - Monster Count: 112 (UV) Secrets: 2 Size: Small - Map 02 - Monster Count: 306 (UV) Secrets: 7 Size: Medium - Map 03 - Monster Count: 479 (UV) Secrets: 8 Size: Large - Map 04 - Monster Count: 201 (UV) Secrets: 4 Size: Medium Tested with PRBOOM+, Crispy Doom and DOSBOX. Known Issues: There is a HOM in Castle Ruins that I can't seem to fix. Credits: to the author(s) of music tracks in Map 01 and Map 03. Download: Lost_Levels.zip
  4. Bob9001

    What is this?........A Siege for Ants?

    This is really fun to play, I support you doing some more classic maps :D
  5. Bob9001

    Final DOOM demos [-complevel 4]

    TNT Nomo 100% D2all in 54:40 evosd2all5440.zip
  6. Bob9001

    Final DOOM demos [-complevel 4]

    wow, good on you! I've kinda given up doing plutonia in solo-net for the moment but one day I'll finish the rest of the maps I can do :)
  7. Bob9001

    Notable 2020 demos

    Guess I'll nominate my own world record, because I see that all the other wads got theirs nominated :) TNT d2all UV-Max in 3:27:06 It's not the best demo but thinking about it a bit, it took me a long long time to finally complete that and I put a lot of effort into attempts. So I guess I'll toot my own trumpet :D
  8. Bob9001

    Final DOOM demos [-complevel 4]

    Nice, now you can do the other 31 maps, Cause I aren't gonna improve them all :D
  9. Bob9001

    old games modded still better

    I can agree with this, having a modern source port is all you need to get into the guts of doom :)
  10. Bob9001

    Most overdone/played-out Doom arguments?

    People arguing that Plutonia is better than TNT... They're both great in their own right.
  11. Bob9001

    Final DOOM demos [-complevel 4]

    TNT D2all No-Monsters in 37:30 evod2all3730.zip
  12. Firstly, Great wad; am really enjoying playing Doom Zero, so congratulations for getting it in the unity port! Secondly, as a speedrunner, I'd like to make some demos for this wad to upload to the DSDA! Do you have any idea how many updates you still plan to do when Doom Zero gets added to IDgames? Cheers.
  13. Bob9001

    Final DOOM demos [-complevel 4]

    TNT Episode 3 No-Monsters in 15:01 evoep31501.zip
  14. Bob9001

    Final DOOM demos [-complevel 4]

    TNT Episode 2 No-Monsters in 14:56 evoep21456.zip
  15. Bob9001

    Final DOOM demos [-complevel 4]

    TNT Episode 1 No-Monsters in 9:28 evoep1928.zip