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Everything posted by mysistersbike

  1. mysistersbike


    So after rewatching Ghostbusters a little while back, I made this thing in a few minutes. Nothing special, but I've never really done anything too artsy before. I hope you guys think it's cool.
  2. mysistersbike


    Bad day?
  3. mysistersbike

    Yet another 90s inspired shooter

    Looks kickass, I'd love to play this.
  4. mysistersbike

    If you could rebalance Doom 2, what would you change?

    It would be nice if taking a hit from an Archvile wasn't the equivalent of taking a hit from a flaming truck.
  5. Do people get annoyed at newbie maps clogging up the WAD section? Asking so I don't contribute to said clog.

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    2. Phade102


      Absolutely not. as long as you go into it knowing your map is classed as 'newbie' since you're new to mapping, and you understand that when recieving reviews, I'm very happy for new maps to be in the wad section.

    3. torekk


      Back when I read tutorials on how to map for the Source engine I somewhere read the phrase "Never release your first map", so I'd say as long as you stay with that, it's fine.


      Because usually first maps are just simple rooms with doors and such to test out how the editor even works.

    4. Ichor


      @Doomkid How about 'The Revenge of the Son of Eviltonia 5: The Undiscovered MacGuffin From Hell'?

  6. mysistersbike

    Retribution (single level)

    Short, one-level WAD that was just me practicing more or less. One secret, final boss, total playtime 1-5 minutes depending on playstyle. If you need more info or I've done something wrong, tell me how to fix it (I use DOOM Builder 2) and I'll get back to you. Format: DOOM II Port: GZDOOM 3.1.0 Windows 32-bit Criticism welcomed and encouraged! https://www.mediafire.com/file/xat8q5v2hw8h07l/Retribution.wad
  7. mysistersbike

    Retribution (single level)

    Thank you all so, so very much! I'll definitely take all of this into account with my next map! I really appreciate the warm welcome this community continues to give me. :)
  8. mysistersbike

    Retribution (single level)

    Thank you!
  9. mysistersbike

    Retribution (single level)

    There are enough to complete the level if you know where to look.
  10. mysistersbike

    Retribution (single level)

    That was the issue! I'll replace the link with a new one. Edit: No it wasn't....
  11. mysistersbike

    Retribution (single level)

    So the ammo and health aren't appearing, is that what's happening? I'm thoroughly puzzled.
  12. mysistersbike

    Retribution (single level)

    Alright, understood. Now, what is the problem with my wad or the port I use to run it?
  13. mysistersbike

    Retribution (single level)

    I'm sorry, I really don't get what people mean by port. I have never in my life done mapping until yesterday, I'm not familiar with the lingo and terminology.
  14. mysistersbike

    What the hell is up with these walls?

    ...I knew that, I swear.
  15. mysistersbike

    What the hell is up with these walls?

    So I'm editing a map and this happens. What happened here? I can't fix it.
  16. mysistersbike

    My First WAD Ever

    Thanks everyone, sorry about all of the difficulty with making it work. I was really just learning the ropes, like TootsyBowl said. I'll have something far better done eventually. I really appreciate the criticism! <3
  17. mysistersbike

    My First WAD Ever

    It is 4:50 AM and I just finished my first presentable WAD with bad design. Am I proud of it? It's my first, of course. It's very very short and you can beat it in under a minute if you have any idea what you're doing. Just tell me if it's decent or what. Constructive criticism fuels me! Now, I'm off to fall onto the floor a foot away from the bed. EDIT: Fairly sure the map is just in the standard Doom format Mediafire link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/2c4o3ccuwmm0mxd/FirstMapEver_bymysistersbike.wad
  18. mysistersbike

    My First WAD Ever

  19. mysistersbike

    My First WAD Ever

    How would I check that in Doom Builder 2?
  20. mysistersbike

    My First WAD Ever

    Dunno, I have no idea how to do this. All I know is I played with GZDOOM and Doom II. Does that answer your questions?
  21. Okay, long story short. Booted it up for the first time and I got to work. Adding in textures, and I got nothing. Using GZDOOM, latest version.
  22. mysistersbike

    How do I get textures to show up in DOOM Builder 2?

    Thanks so much! I can't believe I forgot to load resources! Lmao
  23. This place is cool.

    1. Maisth


      You bet it is! 


      also Welcome to the Family Son!

    2. mysistersbike


      Thanks! Happy to be here!

    3. Linguica