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  1. Carlos_Ed

    Doomsday Master Server is ONLINE and FUNCTIONAL!!!

    ... just to say that i've been using Doom Connector for all day and it's working exactly as I wanted/expected to. My room didn't wait 5 minutes... and already got 4 players that actually stayed there, yet a lot more went by! Anyone willing to play, feel free to drop by my chatroom!...
  2. Carlos_Ed

    Doomsday Master Server is ONLINE and FUNCTIONAL!!!

    Last time i've tryed Doom Connector it mumbled about an master server update or something... ( :/ ) I realy can't remember! All I know is it didn't work at the time. But... now that you mentioned it, i think it's time to go check it out! Thanks. Hope to see you all there...
  3. Carlos_Ed

    Doomsday Master Server is ONLINE and FUNCTIONAL!!!

    Yes...I'm currently waiting for one more player... and confirming e-Mail request by another. If you give some certain I will start it this week. Mail to Carlos_Ed@netcabo.pt to get more info. I recomend contacting me on Microsoft Windows Messenger when we are ready to setup games.
  4. Carlos_Ed

    Doomsday Master Server is ONLINE and FUNCTIONAL!!!

    About those errors with KickStart get the "Full KickStart Install". The guy made KickStart with Visual Basic (:P) so loads of librarys that usually nobody has are needed. Here's the link: ftp://jfiles@server1.thefourwinds.net/jdoom/dkssetup.exe
  5. Carlos_Ed

    Doomsday Master Server is ONLINE and FUNCTIONAL!!!

    Perhaps I can create a server. I'm planning to start a Cooperative Gaming in some maps I have on a CD. Lot's of them are shitty, others are great... and all others between are also there - :D . So, any one willing to play e-mail to: Carlos_Ed@netcabo.pt
  6. Since I've been seeing a decrease in interest on Doomsday project, I've decided to help it's developer by posting some info on IMPORTANT development stages on Doomsday: - Master Server is Functioning Everybody check your parameters, cause they are completelly wrong! You won't be able to use the server unless you configure those console parameters as described in http://www.doomsdayhq.com/doc_multi.php - Network code is being improved, I've experienced less lag and Packet Loss with the current version 1.7.8 - Severall SaveGame code bugs being adressed. - DirectSound code being improved. - Author working on 2.0 Release. For more details visit doomsdayhq.com I've tryed to create a public server that appears on Doomsday Master Server list and I've been successful! That list can be found on: http://www.doomsdayhq.com/master.php
  7. Carlos_Ed

    jdoom servers?

    Mmmmm... "Server not found at..." the IP the guy says on the site doesn't work. Well, another day perhaps, I just wish there would be a "Master Server" like it says on jDoom WebPage. It would make things alot easier... meanwhile, the only way I've found to instantly star t playing is to schedule some games with some people and then play.
  8. Carlos_Ed

    Co-op and BFGs

    Think the BFG is annoying? Try to play on a map based on a crate warehouse of 1024x1024 size and 4 players. The corridors are about 64 wide and perfectly built on a 64x64 grid snapping and you don't know where the SSG is, and all of your opponent's do! When they start roaming arround the map randomly after getting it, you get beat up so bad, you just keep pressing "respawn" with a few seconds interval... Hell... let's ban the SSG too because of that!! the BFG is there, isn't it? Live with it! Learn how to use and defend yourself from it!
  9. Carlos_Ed

    a question on ZDoom bots

    Well, i've noticed than in ZDoom v1.22 when the bots were aiming the rocket launcher i've had great slowdowns... even on 320x200. Yet on Quake III Arena (Sorry for bringing Quake to a Doom forum...) that doesn't happen... at all! And I don't think it's because the hardware acceleration that Q3A uses!... I believe that the bot AI from Quake is a "bit" more complex than the one in ZDoom, so my gess is some bug on the AI procedures...
  10. Carlos_Ed

    jdoom servers?

    Hi there, I am new arround here so try not to hurt-me much... That is something I would like to know about too! Are there any places with jDoom server for internet play lists? If not... as I'm willing to play jDoom online anyway (DM, Coop...) I am available to schedule a few games oline with people interested. Anyone "wanna" play? E-Mail me please! PS: 'Been playing Doom sice 1993... hehe...