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  1. TB-303

    Ultimate Doom demos [-complevel 3]

    e2m2 NoMo 14s https://youtu.be/wd2mo85OM2s NOMOe2m2_14.zip
  2. Dwangoesv1.pk3 http://nuclearempire.net/wads/dwangoesv1.pk3 contains every level of each wads: #1DWANGO.WAD, AZDWANGO.WAD, dcdwango-fixed.wad, DWANGO1.WAD, DWANGO2.WAD, Dwango3.wad, Dwango3a.wad, DWANGO4.WAD, DWANGO5.WAD, DWANGO6.WAD, DWANGO7.WAD, dwango8.wad, DWANGO10.WAD, DWANGO11.WAD, Dwango12.wad, LBDWANGO.WAD . Current version has missing music & very few missing textures on some levels. Works for newer *ZDoom / *ZDoom-based engines.
  3. I'm interesred in contributing for this project if a slot opens or if you need someone for map31/32.
  4. TB-303

    Nomonster speedrunning

    Doom2 Map01 NoMo 005 map01NoMo005.zip
  5. TB-303

    Ultimate Doom demos [-complevel 3]

    e1m1 UV 0:09 this is not the same one as my youchoob video as I didn't demo that one. e1m1UV009.zip