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  1. Guess we got our map 30
  2. damn dude , how are you so fast at maxing these 'I hate making this demo' maps?
  3. Nice Clickbait title People suck...immediately 'no they dont'
  4. Cannonball is gonna submit the last map .
  5. map 12 max in 3:06 360 double archvile kill ... :l it12-306.zip
  6. You better finish it before the deadline , or else...
  7. you also forgot to update 42's untitled map
  8. Sorry had to pause the game mid way Something important just came up
  9. Starting Stream in 10 minutes more italo demo recording gameplay https://www.twitch.tv/a7maaaaaaaad
  10. *old beta*
  11. its been a while... italo gameplay /recording demo https://www.twitch.tv/a7maaaaaaaad
  12. Has this been cancelled ? YES! I lost my composure for making any more slaughtermaps .
  13. max for rocketfest in 7:58 Awesome map! A wad combining both design and entertainment , really had so much fun playing it . My only complaint would be that some monsters gets accidentally knocked of the arena . A block monster linedef would have saved around 10-20 seconds to my run. Otherwise, really fun map scotty. rfest-758.zip
  14. Keep on with that attitude of yours and you will get banned soon . Just a friendly reminder . Because , we don't want a talented and knowledgeable member like you getting restrictions now do we? I am sure you will make positive contributions in the future.
  15. map 17 max in 1:32 close calls...it17-132.zip
  16. map 12 max in 3:30 it12-330.zip
  17. lol
  18. will removing maybe 1 or 2 megaspheres will do the trick?
  19. map 29 max in 7:31 so many stupid mistakes ... ;l sl29-731.zip
  20. I don't know if this was intentional or not ...