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  1. If anybody knows some good doom music that isnt avaliable in youtube, I could go ahead and record and upload it to youtube if you want.


    I am a guy who uploads good doom music ;0, just tell me the name of the wad and map and I will go ahead and upload the midi to youtube . Of course I wont upload copyright music ;)

    1. BigDickBzzrak


      Doom: Damnation soundtrack because it's awesome

      (you might want to ask the author first, though.)

    2. TheV1perK1ller


      Thank goodness. You can take over from me, haha. I already uploaded like 300+ Doom MIDIs onto YouTube, and I'm burnt out. Welcome to Doomworld, by the way! :)

    3. Ahmed


      lol thx 


      Doom: Damnation , I am pretty sure its up on youtube