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  1. Your in luck friend's, there is already an active league system for PC. Visit Doom Party finder Discord (link is provided above), the folks over there will have something going on at least every couple of weeks.
  2. Awesome, ill add you as soon as I am able too. I'm just trying to get the word out to people. I've PM'd Sm4cky to see if he can provide us with any support. I think right now there doesn't seem to be an organisation of players who are committed to the idea of a doom league. So we've got to get like minded individuals together to form an organisation. What i propose is that if we have good players on our friends lists that play on a regular basis; lets get them involved. To further speed this long, we'll have to scout good players in pub matches and PM them, asking them if they are interested in joining us. Tomorrow i'll create a group chat and any individuals who we recruit into this project, we will add them on there to keep everyone coordinated.
  3. I'm currently looking for any support on starting a DOOM 2016 Multiplayer league on PS4.


    Please read this post:

    And, if your interested, provide any support you would like to give.



  4. I'm guessing everybody is aware of the success of all the various Doom league's that run on PC. It cant be an impossibility that the same success can be replicated on the PS4 then, with the necessary effort and coordination of everybody that could be involved of course. If your passionate about Doom then you would see the benefit of bringing equally passionate people together in a competition that will push the skills of everybody involved to achieve. What i propose is that we provide a tournament that runs on a consistent basis, the game modes maps and rules can be variable as well. Sign ups will be free of course. A prize pool will be available to winners and runner ups to which i'm more then happy to help contribute personally, and i'm hoping others would to. At this moment of time, the proposal is obviously brief and arbitrary as it doesn't include specific plans on the tournament process, promotion efforts etc... This is because we have a bigger objective to focus our attention and efforts on first, gathering support. Which brings me to the focus of this post. I'm calling for anybody interested in helping to organise a league on the PS4 to come together and start one as of now. I myself have no intention of being the one who leads this project. I have no experience in starting a tournament or even how the technicalities of how a tournament runs. I'm just passionate about Doom multiplayer on PS4 and anyone else who is. Thats why i would be very appreciative for anybody who has experience (no matter if your not on PS4) to provide advise and perhaps make an active effort to help get one off the ground. If your in the same boat as me, lets just get together and discuss ideas and plans and act upon them. So right now, i just want to get the ball rolling. Please post advice and/or your willingness to participate in organising this. Once we are all confident in the amount of support we have, lets get to launching this off the ground! I've got my PSN below, and it would be a good idea for anybody who wants to become involved to do so to with your timezone. Edit: I have had a good response from the community and we are steadily building a roster. I have a on going group chat going on at PSN messages so that will be the ideal place to come to. So definitely make sure, if your interested, hit my PSN so your in the group chat because all goings on will be on the group chat from now on. Special thanks to @Sm4cky and the folks over on Doom party finder for giving us a shout out on the DOOM Party finder Twitter.Himself and The Doom Party finder community will be giving us ongoing advice and support which is greatly appreciated :) The Doom party finder Discord: Sm4acky's Twitch: PSN: gungrave786 GMT time Also PM me for any other reasons.
  5. @Sm4cky Thanks for the effort on your behalf on updating us about that Sm4cky. I've been having the feeling to help get a ps4 league for doom off the ground for a while now, i just wanted to make sure that nobody else was doing it at the same time. I think its about time now to act upon that inclination... I'm looking forward to watching the entire DoomsDay series on your you tube :) Edit: Here is the result of me acting upon "that inclination". Can you be off some support to this Sm4ky?
  6. Has there been any interest in doing a Sunday Series for the PS4 platform? The population is very healthy over there still.
  7. YES SIR! on ps4 PSN: gungrave786
  8. Hey GooesePants, your post has been up for awhile with no replies but i thought i'd still provide some help to you. First things first, your load outs. Lets start with your main - Hell shot and combat shotgun. You'd be much better off running with hell shot and super shotgun and taking the time to master that load out. This is because it will complement the hell shot a lot better. The Hell shot is more of a consistent damage dealer (provided your racking scalps with it), it doesn't deal maximum damage instantaneously. The SSG does all its damage instantaneously (burst), so it will cover you in circumstances where consistent damage dealing weapons will fail. The combat shotgun is a nice middle ground between burst and consitent damge. People who use this effectively will tend to poke you from meduim and short distances whilst jumping around to avoid damage. However, the hell shot is already great at doing exactly that so a burst weapon will optimise your load out much better. What you should take from this is that not every combination of weapons is optimal. For example, Heavy Machine gun and Plasma rifle is horrible. You've got two consistent damage dealing weapons but you have no burst potential, not even a middle ground between consistent or burst. A better choice would probably be HMG - CS, HMG- Vortex rifle and PR - CS, PR - Rocket launcher. Try to make sure your load out is never specific to one particular end of the spectrum (burst and consistent) otherwise you will find it very hard to adapt to situations on the map. You need to master the meta game of pick ups. But this will come in due time as you play all the maps and become aware of where all the pick ups are. Don't attack people when you have low health (unless you are certain 100% you'll win). You'll spend about 40% of your time scavenging health and armour if your playing well. This is the bear bone basics of MP. I'm not sure about your current skill so my advice might be stuff you already know. In that case, if your interested in receiving more advice, get back to me and i'll tailor my advice. I can give you more detailed information on how to play every map and game mode for example. In the mean time, another very important element to getting better at any game is to watch expericed players. I've got some stuff on my youtube page, look in the playlist DOOM 2016. The videios are all raw footage though with no commentary, but its deffenilty good to just observe how an expercied player (if i do say so myself :D) approaches the match from the start and how they adpat to stay on top throughout the entire game. Link to the playlist: Here is a dude who provides a more analytical video to better your game. Good luck :) My credentials: Ive played the MP for a full year. Been Doomslayer twice and have a 4.4 K/D
  9. Set your notification sound as the plasma rifle fire sfx on your phone. Now you will actually enjoy it the next time someone spams you. Enjoy :)


    Download from here:

    1. everennui


      With the lack of low and mid range dynamics in a cell phone, I can only imagine the PR sounding like a thousand finger nails scratching a chalk board.


    2. Voros


      The Revenant sight sound's a better way to "notify" you.

  10. @Dragon Yo, i've been working on a levelling system for my Wad and this looks very similar if not identical to mine :) I would recommend adding a mechanic that once one level up is achieved, the next threshold for levelling up is increased by 10% or something. Making it more harder to level up the next time. I'm just trying to figure out how to do my own Skill tree system, perhaps we can help each other, how are you going to do yours?
  11. I've got it to work by doing what @Nevander suggested and adding a delay in the same script that summons the monsters before the SetThingSpecial. This actually seems a bit more convenient to code as i don't have to create an entirely different script to assign the monsters to give Xp. Plus the code is near the lines that summon the monsters in question which is nice for organisation. Thanks everybody for the advice :) Edit: Ive just realised i can get it to work without the delay :)
  12. @scifista42 So ive set the monsters all an id off 999 when they spawn in. This is the script that i am using to tie them to script 3. This is script 3 - the script that gives the player xp upon a monster kill Yet upon killing them in game the script is not executing and not providing XP. Have i done something wrong?
  13. What is your favourite animal?


    Can you guess mine ;)

    1. Mayhem666


      Green cats

    2. Ajora


      I really adore cats. I usually watch the Kitten Academy closeup on Youtube just before I go to bed. 

    3. CzechMate29200


      I'm a total cat freak, I have 10 of them... :)

    4. Zakken


      Your favourite animal is a dog, evidently

    5. Xyzzy01


      My favorite animal is something that is also green...





    6. CzechMate29200



    7. GreenKat


      Ladder Goat :D


    8. MrGlide


      There are so many to choose from. I don't know.

    9. CyberDemonEmpress


      Tarantulas of all kinds are my favorite.

    10. Cell


      The Baron of Hell.

  14. in my map I've created an encounter that spawns a bunch of monsters. I've also created a script that when a monster is killed, it yields an amount of experience points for the player. Obviously, i had no problem assigning the monsters all ready present on the map to the script. But i dont' know how to assign these "spawned in monsters" that were not previously present on the map when it opened to the script i want. So these newly spawned monsters are not giving the player xp. I'm using "Thing_spawnFacing();" to spawn the monsters via map spots. This is the script that I've assigned all the all ready present monsters on the map to in order to yield xp upon death. "playerXp" is an int variable and starts out at 0 upon the map opening. Thanks in advance :)
  15. @Empyre @Arctangent Thank you very much for the support and advice. The while loops sorted all the technical issues out. But then i figured i made the hud message that was supposed to display the Xp count display the player level by a typo in the code- which explained why nothing happend even after the while loops were added. What a damn fool be me! I tend to use ENTER and OPEN interchangeably, which is bad i know, ive always been confused on the differences between them. Can you clarify please? Also, should i be posting these types of questions that require these types of answers here or in the thread called "editing questions"?