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  1. Kerstens

    Infinte frames

    The original Doom had approximately 960 frames in the frame table. I've been playing with DeHackEd, and I want more frames to edit with. Is there a source port that enables extra frames? Can this be done with things, too?
  2. Kerstens

    Pinball Doom!

    I got an idea after watching the Royal Cacodemon from my WAD. This beast is in essence a Cacodemon that's much stronger and very much faster than it's lower-caste counterpart. Watching this guy fighting is really cool!! But wouldn't it be even cooler to have enemies bounce off walls when you blast them into one? The Royal Caco has got a very low mass, so it propelles backwards if you hit it, even with a shotgun. A rocket in this demon's face really whops it to the other side of the room. If that blast could be pursued in the opposite dirtection when it hits a wall or Thing, we would have Royal Caco Pinball!! Perhaps a nice thought for all you port makers out there... Bye bye... - Kerstens
  3. Kerstens

    Favorite Berserk Moment?

    This one is really embarrassing, but oh well. My brother and me were playing on my home network, and at a time I was standing atop a teleporter. The teleporter to my position was closeby, so when I punched my brother, his corpse blasted away, INTO the teleporter, so I got telefragged by his splattered corpse! That was funny!
  4. Kerstens

    Sprites wanted...

    I'm working on a ZDooM version of my old WAD Crater Outpost, to exploit ZDooM's fullest capabilities. I would like to have a complete sprite of a player with a white uniform, and a Lost Soul death which turns into a blood puddle, the one used in DooM for a squished corpse. Does anyone have any spriters like these, or a link perhaps? Thank you!
  5. Kerstens

    Zdoom changes ?

    I've been used to editing the regular doom exe, without source ports, and i noticed a lot of thins have changed compared to Zdoom. My own patches are somewhat obsolete and buggy now, so I'd like to know the changes Zdoom has wrought. For instance, an invisible sector (created by inverting it's linedefs' sectors) used to block projectiles, but bullet of any kind could pass. With Zdoom, bullet are blocked by invisible sectors as well. And Pain Elemantals can spawn infinte Lost Souls (very cool!). I'd like to find out just what changes the Zdoom port has. Can anyone give me any helpful tips or links??
  6. Kerstens

    Hello everybody!

    ??! there's more?? cooooooooooooooooooool... thanks man!
  7. Kerstens

    Hello everybody!

    got myself a nice new sig....
  8. Kerstens

    Hello everybody!

    you are right enjay, it was the south side, not the right. oops...
  9. Kerstens

    Hello everybody!

    man o man is this really happening??! this is too good to be true!!!!! ZDooM is like a long forgotten dream come true!!! *drool* thanks pritch!!!
  10. Kerstens

    Hello everybody!

    thx! Oh, by the way, does anyone know of a way to edit the DOOM95 executable? I tried a little with DeHackEd, but it didn't work. Is there a windows editor for DOOM?
  11. Kerstens

    Hello everybody!

    Hi! I'm Kerstens, and I'm a very big classic DOOM fan. I've played DOOM ever since I got it in 1996, and, 7 years later, I'm still addicted :) I've done some map editing as well as DeHackEd patches. I made a level plus patch called Outpost, and I'd like to submit it here, and I'd like to get some comments. Can anyone help me with this? I'm rather new to the internet itself, so my knowledge is somewhat limited I'm afraid :) Thank you!